Zerodha Refer And Earn Review [Earn 300 Reward Points]

Investment is absolutely necessary if you want to achieve financial freedom. Zerodha offers a beautiful platform for online traders & investors.

This article will inform you how to earn through Zerodha refer and earn program in order to make a side income while using the platform.

You might be wondering about the benefits you’ll get while referring Zerodha to your family and friends. We will discuss in detail the referral rewards, how much you can earn from Zerodha, & how to use Zerodha’s referral bonus.

Without spending any more time, let’s dive right in.

Disclaimer – Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.

Zerodha Refer And Earn Program

Zerodha offers a refer and earn program that allows its users to earn reward points and a part of the brokerage fee for each successful referral you make. Learn more about the benefits below:

What will you earn when you refer Zerodha to your friends?

You will get the following benefits while referring Zerodha:

  • 10% of the brokerage amount your referee pays
  • 300 reward points

You can withdraw the 10% brokerage share directly to your bank account. The minimum payout should, however, be at least Rs.1000 and you should have referred to a minimum of 5 members.

The 300 reward points can be used to subscribe to Zerodha’s premium products like:

  1. Quicko
  2. LearnApp
  3. Tickertape
  4. Smallcase
  5. Streak
  6. Sensibull
  7. Zerodha AMC

What will your friends get on signing up through your Zerodha referral link?

Your friends will get the following benefits while signing up through your Zerodha referral link:

  • Free Demat account
  • Zero (Free) on equity delivery trades
  • Rs. 20 or 0.0.3% [whichever is lower] on intraday trades

How To Refer In Zerodha?

There are three ways to refer Zerodha to your friends and family members. If you’re a user of Zerodha:

  1. Log in to Zerodha’s console
  2. Click on your User Id and choose the ‘Referrals & Rewards’ option

3. You can either copy the referral link from this page or type in the name, email (optional), and phone number of your friend & click submit.

zerodha refer and earn page

Another method is to go directly to Zerodha’s referral page, enter your USER ID and generate a referral link. Share that link with your friends.

Finally, if you’re using Kite, go to the Kite’s dashboard. From there click on your USER ID and choose ‘invite friends’.

You’ll land on the same page that you did on the first method. Continue the same steps discussed previously.

Zerodha Refer And Earn Terms & Conditions

  • The friends you refer must open the trading account within 60 days of you first referring Zerodha to them, only then would it be considered as a ‘completed referral’.
  • The completed referrals must have opened their accounts on or after Jan 1, 2020.
  • Your friend must not have registered previously on Zerodha and their credentials must not exist on Zerodha’s database.
  • To earn the referral rewards, you must refer at least 5 users to Zerodha via your user id. Referrals from one user id is not transferable to another user id.
  • The minimum referral payout must be at least Rs. 1000 in order to withdraw your amount to bank account.
  • The 10% brokerage revenue of referrals will not include any additional taxes, account maintenance free etc.
  • All referrers must accept and abide by Zerodha’s terms and conditions mentioned here.

Zerodha Refer And Earn Payment Proof

In case if you’re still not convinced that Zerodha’s refer and earn program is true or not, consider the payment proof we received just through referring Zerodha to our readers:

zerodha referral payment proof


Zerodha has over 7 million users with 5 million of those being active users. There’s a reason why Zerodha still remains the best discount broker in India.

By referring Zerodha to your friends and relatives, you’ll be helping them with the most advanced trading tools that Zerodha offers.

So what are you waiting for, open an account on Zerodha and start referring right away!

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

How much can I earn from Zerodha refer and earn?

Zerodha offers a 10% share of the brokerage generated from each user to refer to Zerodha along with 300 referral credits that you can use to get the premium subscriptions of Zerodha’s tools for free.

How can I use Zerodha 300 points?

Login to the Zerodha console and navigate to the ‘Referrals & Rewards’ section. In there you can view your referral credits and redeem them to purchase a subscription to any Zerodha products.

What is AMC in Zerodha?

Account Maintenance Charge is the amount you pay to Zerodha every year to maintain your Demat account. It is Rs. 300 per year that is paid Rs. 75 each quarter.

How to send a Zerodha referral link to referees?

Visit Zerodha’s referral page and enter your client id on the input field. Click on any of the online platform icons where you want to share the referral link to. Zerodha’s referral link will now be generated ready to be shared with your referees.

How many partners does Zerodha have?

As of January 1, 2022, Zerodha has over 7000+ partners, out of which 500+ are active partners.
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