Best Way To Write A Book Review By Copy Pasting (Not Plagiarism) 2021

How do you write a book review?

If you’re like me, you might have read tons of books before, and therefore writing a book review may seem like a piece of cake.

But let’s say that you’re not a fan of reading books, and now you have received a project where your teacher asked you to write a book review.

I know what you’re going through since I am also having to do this in my college. But unlike many of my college mates, I do know a hack on how to achieve this seemingly daring feat fast!

This blog post will teach you how to write a book review by copy pasting.

However, like all easy things, this is not a perfect process. You’ll have to take a little effort from your end to make this work.

So let’s dive deep in to this and understand how to do it step-by-step!

Write A Book Review By Copy Pasting (Not Plagiarism)

This is not going to be a tutorial where you’ll get a plagiarized piece of content. The article generated will be 100% free from plagiarism.

Pick A Book

Choosing the right book to write on is the most important step of all. You should be taking into account your interests, the choices you have, and your understanding of the subject matter in the book.

how to pick a book for book review

The best thing you can do is to pick a book that you have already read since you’ll be familiar with its contents and that’ll help you edit the final draft, and also assist you in the viva (if any).

But don’t worry if you haven’t read any books at all. Just pick a topic of your interest.

Whichbook is a great resource to find topics based on your moods, bestsellers, location, and plot. Head over to the site, add a few filters and voila, you have the perfect list of curated books.

whichbook website

If you are looking to find a quick random book and finish off your review as soon as possible, I’d suggest you visit fourminutebooks. This website is a resource for high-quality short and sweet book summaries.

Scroll down to the very end and you’ll find a link titled “Random Summary”.

fourminutebooks random summary link

It will take you to a random book summary on the website. You can read the summary and decide if it’s worth writing a review on.

Ok, that’s surprising. I just landed on a summary post of my favorite book, ‘The Rich Dad Poor Dad‘. Notice the 1-sentence-summary? That will give you an idea of what the book holds.

For this post, let’s try generating a review of Rich Dad Poor Dad.

Find A High Quality Review Post

Now that we have chosen a book, let’s find an in-depth review article of the book. For different sections of our book review, we might be taking paragraphs from different articles on the web.

Don’t worry, we are not going to plagiarize (although, we are!). But no one’s going to find it out though, not even your professor.

Go to Google, type in ‘your book name + review’. This will give you tons of quality articles to choose from.

rich dad poor dad serp

Structure Of A Good Book Review

Now before we generate the article, let’s understand how your book review should be structured.

The classic structure of a good book review consists of the following:

  • One introductory paragraph highlighting the background or theme of the book you’re writing on (or in our case, non-plagiarized copy-pasting).
  • One or two paragraphs mentioning a quick summary of the book along with its plus points and weaknesses.
  • One last paragraph identifying how well the book has achieved its purpose in explaining its theme.

So now you have an overall understanding of how to structure the post to please the professor. Why don’t we jump to the crucial and exciting part then?

Copy Pasting Content For Your Book Review

I think you have an idea what we are going to do now. For each of the paragraphs that we have mentioned above, we will be heading over to the web, searching for content that matches our requirements.

First, search for the keyword ‘“your book name” + one paragraph review‘. Open a google docs file (or any text editing software of your choice) and copy-paste the content that pops up.

rich dad poor dad one paragraph review

But isn’t this plagiarism? Don’t worry, we’ll remove this plagiarism in the next step.

Similar to the above step keep copy pasting the rest of the paragraphs as well.

For the body part, I’ll type in the keyword ‘“book name” + two paragraphs summary‘.

The first result looked kind of interesting and I decided to click through to find a short and precise summary.

Remember the high-quality article that I mentioned in the beginning? I also clicked through there and copy-pasted a few more sentences.

For the writing the strengths of the book, I searched for ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad Pros‘, and for the weaknesses, ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad Cons‘.

For the final personal opinion paragraph, you can do the same trick, or by now you’ll be having enough knowledge on the subject matter to write a small paragraph on your own.

For this example’s sake, I am going to head over to the amazon book reviews section, and copy-paste a good review from the tons of reviews available.

Now, we have a plagiarized version of the book review in our hand.

Click here to view the above file in google docs

Before removing the plagiarism, you have to make sure that there are no typos or grammatical errors in your article. You can either do this manually or use an external software like Grammarly chrome extension for this purpose.

I am going to use Grammarly as well as do a manual check so that we do not miss out on any errors. I am also going to use the power thesaurus chrome extension to replace hard terms with easier-to-understand words.

Removing Plagiarism From The Review Post

Once you’re done correcting the typos and errors using the two extensions I mentioned above, you’ll be having a high-quality book review in your hand.

Now it’s time to remove plagiarism from the post.

You can either do this through the power thesaurus extension (long & boring way) or with the help of a good old paraphrasing tool (recommended).

Top paraphrasing tools that I recommend:

Quill bot seems to be the best of the three, however, you can’t paraphrase more than 400 words at a time. Paraphraser is also great and it can support up to 1000 words at a time.

I am going to use paraphraser for our review article. Here are the results that I obtained:

Now that we have our paraphrased text, next thing is to do a plagiarism check just to make sure we are on the right track.

For this purpose, we will be using a plagiarism checker tool by smallseotools.

I’ll go ahead and copy our article to clipboard and paste it in the plagiarism checker tool.

Click on the ‘Paraphrase Now’ button and pray to god that it works. Be sure to send that copied article once again through Grammarly to remove the errors.

As you can see, we have got ourselves a 100% unique book review article. Here is the final version of the article that we have been working on:

Click here to view the above file in google docs

I have used grammarly and power thesaurus a few times again just to correct sentences that sounded awkward.

Mistakes To Avoid While Writing A Book Review

There are some pitfalls you should avoid while writing a book review. Although we have copy-pasted an article, we should make sure that our article stands out and is terrific in all aspects.

Keep these things in mind before submitting the book review article:

  • In any academic writing, typos and errors are the most common mistakes that can make your article look unprofessional. Always proofread an article after writing it (or copy-pasting it). Try to use premium versions of Grammarly since it’s so much helpful in eliminating those errors.
  • The repetitiveness of common words is another mistake you should fear. Power thesaurus can display a number of alternative words that you can use instead of repeating words.
  • Length and format mentioned by your institution are another point to bear in mind.

Final Thoughts

Both you and I know that writing something on our own and copying the whole idea from another article is a different thing.

Therefore, I’d suggest you be at least aware of the book you’re writing on. If you have something like a viva, this might become useful.

There are tons of YouTube channels like Seeken that publish video summaries of books. You can watch those videos to understand the plot of a book.

Does this entire thing look like a hard thing to do? Want me to write the book review article for you? I’d be more than happy to help.

Send me a DM on my Instagram handle and I can help you for a small fee.

Comment below if you think that this article was helpful and tell me if I missed anything.

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Why would you write a book review?

A book review provides insightful information about the contents of a book. Your review reflects on your understanding of the book and how well the book was able to convey its message to you. Therefore your review can help people understand how well a book is written and if it’s worth their time.

How can you answer the viva questions if you copy paste content?

Like I said in the conclusion, watching a short video summary of the book before giving the viva can help you a lot during the test. You can also find numerous short summaries on the web.

How long should be a book review be?

There is no particular word limit except for the limits set by your academic institution. However, you shouldn’t be writing a long review article of 3000 words. That’d be boring and no one would bother to read.
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