Why are Books Important? Here are 5 Reasons Why!

Why are books important? What are its benefits? Can’t you watch a video summary or a blog post and grasp the whole concept?

Like you, I too had similar doubts before I fell in love with the idea of reading books.

After I developed the habit of reading, everything around me makes more sense. I can now understand everything better because of the knowledge I gained about them from books.

If you’re here, it means either that you’re here for a school essay or is just trying to build a reading habit by understanding the benefits of books and what it can give you.

Either way, I’ll try to give you some of the solid reasons from a vast majority of huge benefits of reading books.

So let’s just get into it.

Benefits of Reading Books/ Why Are Books Important

Books are important because they reveal to you a whole new world of information, imagination, and creativity. Books help you gain crystal clear and precise knowledge on anything under the sun and over it. They inspire you to live a better and happier life.

Some books teach the readers of values that can have a huge impact on their lives.

Most people not having the habit of reading laughs at the idea of ‘life-changing’ books; they don’t believe that a single book can change their lives.

The turning point of most successful people began when they read a book or met with someone. In the majority of cases, it is more likely to be the former.

Warren Buffet says that the book, The Intelligent Investor written by one of history’s top investors, Benjamin Graham changed his life. The book taught him how to think about the stock market and inspired the investment philosophy Buffet uses to date.

The 7-Book Foundation series has influenced Elon Musk in creating SpaceX with the idea of colonizing Mars.

I was also influenced hugely by the book Rich Dad Poor Dad, written by Robert Kiyosaki. In fact, it inspired me in creating this blog, and a student community that stands at an audience of 50K today.

I’m guessing you got the idea. But let us dive a little deep into why are books important.

Books Make You Wise

Books make you smarter as they offer far too much knowledge on any topic than a video or an article does. They increase your brain power and helps you think outside the box.

Wise decisions are made when you have all the knowledge that you can get. If you lack knowledge, it becomes much hard to arrive at conclusions. Books offer you tons of knowledge that can help you be wise in making any decision.

Books Improve Your Memory

It is common to have memory loss in older people. But research has shown that reading books can slow down the cognitive decline in old age.

What do you do to have a fit body? You exercise, or in other words, you train your body. Similarly, you’re training your brain when you’re reading a book. Scientifically speaking, reading a more neurobiologically demanding task than processing images or videos.

Reading books consistently means that you train your brain regularly. As long as you keep doing this, it will make your memory sharper.

Books Help You Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Although our technology has made it easier to communicate with their entire world at mere fingertips, stress and anxiety among the new generation are rising.

Sometimes all you need is to find a companion, and I think that books are the ideal choice. They take you to a new world and make you forget about your life’s worries.

According to a study conducted by the University of Sussex in 2009, reading can help you lower your stress by 68%. That’s a significant decrease.

Feeling stressed out? Grab a book!

Books Improve Your Vocabulary

Good books expose you to new words that you can understand given the context of what you’re reading. The more you read, the more words you add to your vocabulary.

Read on different genres and different authors as it makes the discovery of new phrases easier.

Books Develop Analytical Abilities

Each time you’re reading a book, the protagonist’s situation is being analyzed in your brain. The solutions listed in the books will be recorded as information to use when you get into such a scenario.

Books can make you creative in thinking of an answer to your life problems. It can also build confidence since you have already met with such a situation in your mind.

Books Stimulate Your Brain

Reading isn’t always best incredibly exciting in case you understand what you’re searching for – it additionally helps your intellectual fitness, preserving your belief and analytical thinking abilities sharp, stopping your thoughts from sinking into apathy.

Regular reading simply assists together along with your mind function. Think approximately what number of humans have nowadays had Alzheimer’s disease. While there’s no treatment for it, analyzing and different thoughts sports were established to save you or put-off dementia.

Books Improves Your Writing Skills

Apart from gaining the fitness consequences, books can assist a reader to upgrade in different things as well.

Reading is important in case you are a creator yourself – and it doesn’t count in case you write books, articles, ads, whether or not you do it for amusement or work.

Thanks to this, you may enhance your abilities and come to be an all-rounded man or woman in general.

Books Helps You to Sleep Better

Did you know that reading can also assist to sleep better?

I don’t mean to say that reading books will make you feel bored and fall asleep. What I’m implying is that in case you start to read books you enjoy, it is going to contribute to enhancing your sleep quality and dozing chances.

Books Make You Happier

Long tale short, readers may be happier, as books carry a few pleasure even whilst you’ve had a tough day.

Books allow you to take a break from your busy lifestyle and calm yourself down in a world of imaginations.

Foot Note

I hope you got the answer to why are books important. These reasons are only a few among the compelling ones to start reading right away.

Videos and articles are a good source of information. However, they can never replace books are a source of knowledge. Starting to read can seem like a daunting task. But once you read a few books, it will soon become a habit.

To finish the post, I’ll like to quote some famous words by Vincent Khor.

We Lose Ourselves in Books, We Find Ourselves There Too

Vincent Khor

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