38 Extremely Useful Websites for Students in India

The world has shifted online, and e-learning has become popular, now more than ever!

With schools and colleges advancing towards online education, students have to find new methods of adapting to the rigorous changes happening around them.

In this article, you’ll learn about some extremely useful websites for students that can make your life easier.

Are you a student? If yes, let’s make your life easier!

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Online Courses

Online courses help you learn anything, from coffee-making to coding, sitting anywhere around the globe.

There are a few top websites providing high-quality online courses in different fields.

Here is the list of the best online courses websites for students in India:


free educational websites for students -Udemy

Udemy is one of the largest e-learning platforms in the world. You’ll find courses on almost anything but most of them are crafted for IT and business development.


useful websites for students in india - Coursera

Coursera is another educational platform offering online courses by working with top universities and business institutions.

You are free to access most of the courses for free. But you won’t be able to gain certifications this way.



eDX helps you gain knowledge from industry leaders through their professionally-made videos.


udacity - useful indian websites

Udacity is a massive online learning platform providing programs called Nanodegrees, a group of 4-10 courses aim at imparting in-depth information in a subject.

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials help you learn anything visually, combining the powers of audio, charts, graphics, photos, music, slides, and live video. Here are the best websites to find quality educational videos:

Lynda.com (LinkedIn Learning)

LinkedIn Learning or Lynda.com website

Lynda.com, now known as LinkedIn Learning, is a professional platform for improving your skills in a particular field. It’s more focused on business-related tutorials.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy helpful website for indian students

Khan Academy is a non-profit learning platform for students that provides world-class education, especially in math, for free. The website has an interactive and creative way of teaching subjects, which is really helpful for any student.



With over 2 billion usersYouTube is the largest platform having video tutorials on almost everything you can think of. A student’s journey can become a whole lot easier with YouTube’s help.

Academic Earth

academic earth

Academic Earth is a website that offers free video lectures and online courses from top universities.

Writing Assistants

Writing is an important part of learning. From lecture notes to academic research papers, your writing skills are always being tested. These websites will make sure that your writing is up to the mark.



Grammarly helps you improve your grammar and make your writing clear and concise by providing you with suggestions.



Do you find writing essays time consuming and difficult? Edusson helps you get the assistance of the world’s top essay writing experts, all for a fee, of course.

Power Thesaurus

Power Thesaurus

How many times have you searched for a perfect alternative of a word to make your writing better? Power Thesaurus serves you with the right words to power your writings.

It also has a chrome extension that makes finding word alternatives even quicker.

Hemingway Editor

Hemingway editor

Hemingway App is an online editor which indicates the readability scores of your articles and provide suggestions to improve them.

Help With Mathematics

Mathematics is a tough subject for the majority of students. This is because they find it difficult in understanding the different steps involved in solving math problems. There are tons of websites that assist students in solving all their math-related problems. Here are a few:


Often enough, we find the need to view the solution of a certain equation step-by-step to completely understand how it’s solved.

Enter the equation to be solved, and QuickMath does all the work for you. They also have an Android app with the same purpose.


Wolfram Alpha math website for students

WolframAlpha also does a similar function of solving linear, polynomial, and quadratic equations. However, it goes a little further and helps you plot graphs for the equations you define. Pretty neat!

Desmos Graph Calculator

Desmos graph calculator for students

WolframAlpha is limited in its ability to plot graphs, you cannot define x and y coordinates which makes it less efficient than Desmos Graph Calculator.

The canvas is literally unlimited in Desmos. You may add functions, notes, tables, and images to the graph you plot.

Symbolab Calculus Calculator

Waste no more time trying to figure out integration and differentiation. Symbolab Calculus Calculator can break down the steps of even the toughest calculus problems. It would be a great help for getting you through your calculus classes.

Daily Routine

Your daily routines have a deciding role in predicting your outcome. That is exactly why I have included some very helpful websites which can make you exceptionally productive.

Sleepy Time

A night of good sleep leads to a wholesome morning. Sleepy Time suggests the best time to sleep based on when you intend on waking up. It also suggests the ideal waking time if you input the time you go to sleep. All the suggestions are based on your circadian rhythm.


Todoist task manager website for Indian students

Organize your daily activities using Todoist, a to-list, and a task manager website.


Habitica is a website that makes your life feel like a game and motivates you to be maximum productive. They have a huge community of people who get things done!

Habitica also has an android app and an iOS version.


Pomofocus website for students

Pomodoro technique is the best method to work productively on a task. Pomofocus is an online Pomodoro timer website for students and professionals.

Stress Relief

I have gone through a lot of stress in my school and college days. In fact, most students in India are facing the same problem. Studying and keeping up with your academic activities puts you under a lot of pressure.

There are a few websites that helped me relieve my stress, and I believe they can help you too.


Calm.com meditation website

Calm is a website that uses the power of meditation to help remove all your anxiety and depression.

It has a huge collection of constantly updating content, which includes music, meditation classes, and exercise programs, all presented in a soothing voice.


Coffitivity website for sounds

Some of us hate working in silence. The feeling of loneliness leaves us depressed. Coffitivity gives you the sounds of a cafe to boost your creativity and help you focus more. The website is backed up by scientific research that confirms its impact.

Do Nothing For 2 Minutes

do nothing for 2 minutes

Sometimes taking small breaks from your life can ease your stress and help you pull yourself back together.

Do nothing for 2 minutes is a website where you have to not do anything and listen to the sound of waves. If you touch the mouse or keyboard, the timer will reset.

Rainy Mood

Who doesn’t like the sound of rain? The predictable pattern and non-threatening nature of the sound is so relaxing to our ears.

You can listen and relax to the sound of rain in Rainy Mood.

Study Music

Music can help you improve your brain functions. Maybe that’s why it is easy to focus while studying when listening to music. Here are a few websites that I go for to find the finest study music.


Brain.fm consists of the best study music for increasing your productivity and focus. Its free plan allows you to use 5 sessions for free after which you may decide whether to stay or not.


Noisli allows you to create background sounds of your own by mixing various sounds available. This allows you to create a custom background sound that suits your needs.

Sound Cloud

Sound Cloud has a variety of good music suitable for studying.

Spotify Alpha waves Playlist

Spotify is a popular music streaming online platform. While it has collections from different genres, I liked to play the Alpha waves playlist while studying.

Information Sources

As a student, you’ll have to dig up a lot of information for projects, research papers, and other activities. While there are tons of websites for students with loads of information, they might not always be reliable.

Here are a few websites that provide you with information you can trust.



My college life would have been major stress if Wikipedia weren’t there. You can find information on almost anything here. An article needs proper citation to be approved in Wikipedia, so you can always rely on the data found here.

Internet Archive

Internet Archive website

Archives.org or the Internet Archive is a non-profit archival website where you can find thousands of books, movies, software, music, websites, and more.

For Dummies (Dummies.com)


Dummies is a website to answer all your ‘how-to’ questions. They have extensive guides on nearly everything you want to learn.



wikiHow has in-depth academically researched articles on a wide variety of ‘how-to’ questions. Since each piece of content is being revised and updated by a dedicated team of experts in each field, you’ll always find up-to-date posts that are trustworthy.

Part-Time Jobs

Being a student, you have lots of expenses to manage. While asking your parents is possible, you would find it difficult to constantly depend on them for money.

Even though there are tons of refer-and-earn apps available, you might want to aim for something higher.

Freelancing is a great way to monetize your skills. Here are a few websites where you can freelance for free.


fiverr freelancing site

Fiverr is a popular freelancing platform where you can create your gig (service that you sell in Fiverr) and receive payment from anyone requesting your service.

Fiverr is used by 2.4 million customers as in 2019.


upwork site

Unlike Fiverr, where you create your gig and wait for customers to contact you, in Upwork, you can apply for jobs posted by Upwork clients using an in-built currency called connects.



Toptal pays the highest rates in freelancing platforms, ranging from 60 USD to 120 USD per hour. But to be paid the top rates, you’ll have to be among the top talents.

Toptal only hires the top 3.2% of freelancers and filters out the rest. But if you think you’re good, do check out the site.

Discount Sites

I used to buy a lot of items online. As buying everything online has become so common these days, it’s important that you know of the websites that can find you discount coupons and help save your time. Here are the good ones.


Rakuten is a website that gives you cash back when you shop through your favorite websites.

Coupon Dunia

coupon code website coupon dunia

Coupon Dunia is an Indian website that provides coupon codes that work on almost every website. Before you make your next purchase, be sure to check this website to save your money.


Honey is a chrome extension that automatically checks for coupon codes and applies the one with the highest discount on over 30000 websites.

Over To You

These are some of the websites that supported me a lot in my school and college days. I hope that it will help you too on your journey.

Some of these websites can help you even if you’re not a student. Don’t hesitate to make proper use of them to increase your productivity to the maximum level.

Save Your Time! Download an Infographic with links to all the websites mentioned + 16 SPECIAL websites (54 in TOTAL). Enter Your Name and Email to Download the INFOGRAPHIC!

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