How to Use Sticky Notes for Studying – 7 Effective Tips

Do you want to know of the simple stationery that I’ve been using to improve my productivity and studying skills to their peak?

Sticky Notes a.k.a Post-It Notes!

While there are tons of apps that try to replace the need for post-it notes, none of them are effective replacements.

In this post, you’ll learn how to use sticky notes for studying and the benefits of using them.

Let’s jump right in!

Uses of Sticky Notes

There are many reasons so as why using post-it notes is a good idea. However, here are some of the main reasons for how sticky notes are useful:

  • They help you visualize your tasks and to-dos.
  • Sticky notes are an effective way to organize your workflow.
  • They also assist you in planning all your work beforehand.
  • Coming up with ideas is quick while using post-it notes.

How to Use Sticky Notes For Studying

Sticky notes make it easy to notice something important. In other words, they are attention grabbers and is an essential tool in any student’s life.

Here’s an interesting video I found that’ll help.

These are some of the ways most students and productive people use post-it notes for effective learning:

Summarize Topics

Knowing what you have to learn eases the process of learning. This is because you’ll know how much time to allocate for each subtopic under the main topic.

Summarize the subtopics you have to cover under a chapter and then write down suitable keywords representing the subtopics onto a sticky note.

Of course, to summarize the topic, you’ll have to glance through the chapter once. But this will make your next revision a whole lot easier.

Now paste that sticky note at the beginning of the chapter so that next time, you’ll clearly understand what you have to cover.

Highlight Concepts

Use sticky notes to write down the core concepts of your learning as you progress through the chapter.

Try to limit the word count to as short as possible. Our goal here is to associate keywords that trigger your memory and help recall the previously studied information.

Once you finish writing, pin it at the textbook’s exact position so that you can quickly refer to the topic if you can’t recall them.

Sticky note Mapping

Mindmaps are an effective tool in visually organizing your ideas and building a logical relation between them.

Although drawing mindmaps on paper is good, it is even better to represent them visually using post-it notes.

That way, you don’t have to be afraid of making mistakes in your design. You can always correct them without making them ugly.

Cheaper Flashcards

Flashcards are cards having a short question and answer on either side. Their main purpose is to do a quick revision of core concepts.

Post-it notes can be used as an alternative to your regular flashcards, which are much cheaper than regular flashcards.

Create To-do lists

Planning makes a man perfect.

To-do lists are a great way to plan your tasks in sequential order of importance so that you’ll stay updated on things that need your attention.

You can stick them up at a place where you can easily access them.

Bookmark Pages

Ever got stuck trying to remember what page were you reading last time?

Well, don’t get stuck anymore!

You can use sticky notes to bookmark the pages that you want to remember next time. This way, you don’t have to waste your time and energy searching for them again.

The good news is that sticky notes are available on amazon. Check the price here.

Set Reminders

We are human beings, and we tend to forget things. Reminders help us remember the important things that we are most likely to forget.

Use a sticky note to remind yourself and others of their chores instead of using an electronic reminder.

Using a sticky note to write a reminder also has the emotional advantage of influencing the reader by adding a personal touch to your handwriting.

Set Short-term Goals

Goals are what guides us and motivate us to put in the effort. It is wise to set short goals to achieve your tasks efficiently in a short amount of time.

Write down your end goals and put them in place you’ll notice. This will remind you of the reward (which is your end goal), and that’ll inspire you to work harder.

Sticky notes are the perfect tools to write down your goals as they are portable and replaceable.


Student life becomes a whole lot of fun and easier when you start using the right stationery. Sticky notes are an effective way to make your learning process colorful and visually stimulating.

Apart from the regular old boring note-taking, it tricks you into making studying look like playing a game. That’s exactly why I recommend you to try these tips with your post-it notes and let me know if it helped.

Haw have you been using sticky notes for studying? Do comment below.

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