The 5 Point Startup Growth Strategy

The 5 Point Startup Growth Strategy

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If I can divide my life as a founder into different parts, there are two different stages. There is BEFORE and AFTER.

BEFORE is when I ran like crazy, frantically trying to discover every second that I can get closer to building my startup.

I just need to do my best, do my best, do my best, so that I can increase my top line, if I do this… everything will happen automatically.” I kept repeating myself.

Then AFTER. Then I decided to sit down and promised to write at least a one page strategy explaining the key aspects of my startup and how to link to it.

When I did this, my crazy self became someone who repeats this mantra:

There are six key components for the success of a company, and I have an article on what we should do for each component in our startup journey. We will continue to do it until we get there. to the Promised Land.

I learned in my career (almost too late) that there is a written strategy, I can chain myself and leave myself more at ease. A not-so-crazy me. Helps me become a better leader.

Why are we so crazy? This is not because we did our best work in that state…but because deep down, we cannot verify and understand whether we are on the right track. Because no matter how many hours we work, we feel that we are not enough, our work was already enough.

Over time, when I developed my own entrepreneurial strategy and subsequently served as the senior vice president of strategy for the company that acquired my startup, I learned that a strong strategic document was needed to address five key areas.

This completely free guide includes:

  • For each of the five key areas, the three most critical questions you need to answer.
  • A selection of 3 videos that delve into the strategy of startups and founders.
  • A 16-slide PDF guide that outlines the five key areas for developing a growth strategy.
  • A 1-page strategy template that you can complete in an afternoon to create your strategy v1 And finally take it from you.

  This strategy was very much valuable in growing my startup and helping it succeed and I hope it will help you as well. Good luck!