130+ Excellent Startup Directories To List Your Business in 2021

Back in 2019, when I was working on my first startup, a major problem I faced was bringing traffic to our website.

We tried various content marketing strategies, although we knew they would become useful in the long run it wasn’t generating much results quickly.

Our motivation levels were dropping since we were not gaining new users and running ads was not an option since we were bootstrapping.

That’s when I came across several startup directories where you could list your startup for free and gain some visibility.

It was how we gained our first few users and gradually our user base skyrocketed from there.

Creating backlinks from relevant startup directories is the primary step you should be doing after launching your startup website. In this post, I’ll share with you the list of 100+ top startup directories in 2021 (this is the list I collected while working on my first startup).

What Are Startup Directories And Why Should You Submit Your Startup In Them?

Startup directories are websites where you can submit your product/application/service and get early adopters, feedback, and press coverage. Most of these directories receive highly relevant niche-based traffic that can be useful to increase your early traction.

Directory submission has a number of benefits. It’s a form of off-page SEO and can generate quality do-follow or no-follow backlinks from websites having high domain authority. Your page will rank increase leading to more traffic and so, more business.

If you’re like most startup founders, directory submission will be a pocket-friendly approach to gaining initial traffic and popularity in your target market.

Top 100+ Startups To Submit Your Startup In 2021

Now as you why it is important to list your business in startup directories, here are the leading best startup directories and submit-your-startup websites in 2021:

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What Information Do You Need To Provide For Listing Your Startup?

All of the startup directories mentioned above will ask you for a few basic details of your startup and you should be ready to provide them. Here is the most common information required for startup directory submission.

  1. Name of your startup
  2. Link to your website
  3. Logo
  4. Location
  5. No. of employees in your startup
  6. Information regarding your funding
  7. Photos related to your startup
  8. Product introduction video (not mandatory)
  9. Founding year
  10. Name of founder(s)
  11. Achievements
  12. Brief description about your startup
  13. Long description
  14. Problem it solves
  15. Your target audience
  16. What makes your product unique
  17. Your social media profiles
  18. Pricing

Startup Submission Services

Submitting your startups to directories is a necessary task but it doesn’t have to waste your precious time that should be spent developing your startup. There are tons of startup directory submission services that can help ease your burden. Here are some of them:

  1. MyStartup Tool
  2. ListHour
  3. SubmitShop
  4. Hey Press
  5. Pressfarm

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is submitting free?

Not always, but most of the startup directories make submitting startups free. But if you need to promote your startup, you might have to pay for that.

Why is this startup directory list better?

We have given the direct links to all the startup directory websites along with their Ahrefs DA. You can download the list as a CSV and use it whenever you want.

How can startups promote their business and gain customers?

One of the best ways to promote a startup initially without any costs is to submit your startup to popular startup directories. Some of these websites receive tons of traffic that can be used to your advantage.

Where can you find information regarding startups?

You can find information regarding startups through various startup directories such as Google My Business, Crunchbase, ProductHunt, myStartup Tool, Startup India Mission, Index.co, etc.
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