5 Powerful Social Media Management Tools For Startups

More than half of the world’s population is on social media. With billions of active users, it would be a shame if you haven’t included social media marketing in your marketing strategy.

Lead generation, web traffic and fan loyalty are the main reasons why most marketers target social media users.

Most startups struggle with social media as it not easy manually managing content on all platforms at the same time, especially when you lack the workforce.

Engaging with your target audience can become a whole lot easier if you start using social media management tools that can automate the work for you.

Startups can use social media automation tools to schedule posts and events ahead of time and improve the odds of turning their startup into a successful business faster.

In this post, we’ll be discussing some of the leading social media management tools for startups in 2021. So if you’re looking for an ideal automation solution, this is the right post for you.

How To Choose A Social Media Management Tool in 2021?

There are tons of social media tools available in the market. So how can you possibly filter out the best ones?

You need to look for tools having some key features available at reasonable pricing that makes sense for your startup needs. These are some of the essential features every social media management tool must have:

Social Media Listening

It is difficult to get noticed when you’re a startup. With all the big players being in the spotlight consistently, it is rare that you get an opportunity to be featured or talked about in social media.

But when you are talked about, social media listening feature can help you notice that and understand trends and feedbacks while trying to promote your brand.

Analytics and Reporting

Data is what enables any startup to take intelligent decisions regarding your social media strategy. Go for an automation solution that offers good analytics and reporting features.

Manage Multiple Social Channels

At the least, your social media management tool should integrate multiple social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube. These are some of the core social platforms that your potential leads will be using.

Post Scheduling

What good is a content management tool if you can’t schedule your posts? Scheduling posts for the right time can increase your audience engagement and help you build better a quality brand.


Integrations with different tools like Canva, Adobe Stock, Airtable, etc can help you a lot in meeting your social automation needs.

Team Collaboration

Once you start expanding your startup and bring in extra members, you should be able to scale your social content creation . Can your social media tool should provide collaboration opportunities to maximize productivity?

So now we know what to look for while browsing through the list of social media management tools. We have specifically looked for products offering these features and have documented their info below.

Best Social Media Automation Tools For Startups

We took a lot of effort in curating this list so that you can save your time and focus on growing your startup.

1. Hootsuite

hootsuite dashboard


  • Free plan available
  • Supports multiple channels
  • Provides monitoring of post performance and trends
  •  Can manage access and roles with team members
  • Unlimited scheduling options (Paid)
  • Integrates with multiple apps


  • Post preview is not accurate
  • Video posting is tedious
  • Limited features in free plan

Hootsuite is social media management platform that offers advanced functions to manage your entire social media content from one place. They fulfill every need of a social media tool and gives more with their paid plans. They have an easy-to-manage dashboard with a calendar view where you can upload multiple posts at once in csv format. Hootsuite also provides a chrome extension that can help you curate content on the go.

2. Buffer

buffer dashboard


  • Free plan available
  • In-built free image creation tool, Pablo.
  • Url shortening and tracking
  • Automatic post scheduling
  • Integrates with multiple apps


  • No social listening feature
  • Can provide better collaboration tools
  • Limited features in free plan

Buffer is another handy tool for automating your social marketing. It has integrations with almost all of the popular social media handles. Their chrome extension also help you curate content while browsing. You can also use their image editing platform to create beautiful content quickly.

3. CoSchedule



  • Easy-to-comprehend calendar view
  • Allows assigning and tracking tasks
  • Meeting scheduling
  • Advanced calendar customization
  • Schedule social media content prior to publishing
  • Headline analyzer


  • Promotion of social posts can be improved
  • Dashboard can be overwhelming to new users
  • Tedious to navigate between different months in the calendar view

CoSchedule is the perfect content management platform for marketers and startups who are looking to build an organized content marketing workflow. Its drag-and-drop calendar makes it easy to assign tasks, collaborate and plan projects productively. Managing a marketing team can be hectic and you can lose track of their progress, but it won’t happen with CoSchedule.

4. Socialalert

social alert


  • Hashtags tracking
  • Social analytics
  • Social listening
  • Competitor analysis
  • Generation of reports
  • Identify trends and top influencers in your niche


  •  Cannot draft and schedule posts
  • No free plan

Over 456,00 tweets are made every minute. It is difficult to track keyword data and trends around your niche. Socialalert can help you find the most popular hashtags, trends, and influencers in your industry. Brand monitoring becomes child’s play with the real-time analytics and reports generated by Socialalert.

5. BuzzSumo

buzzsumo home


  • Find popular content from keywords
  • Advanced filters to segment info
  • Content Research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Real-time data and analysis
  • Web mentions and social share tracking


  • Some data is not accurate
  • Pricing is a little high

Are you struggling to find topics to write content on? Buzzsumo can help you find content that are proven to bring in traffic and gain social shares. This tool can filter content based on industry, location, and social platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Why is social media management important?

Social media managers help their organizations take advantage of the rapid popularity of social media platforms by creating and monitoring engagement, branding, and marketing activities. Social media management is a practice that supports your digital marketing and social media strategies. This is an important part of executing an effective social media strategy, because it explains how your brand will engage (consider posting content, rules for engaging with customers, etc.)

What is the purpose of social media management tools?

Good social media tools can help you find more content to share. Use them to schedule posts at the best time and measure the effectiveness of events. More importantly, they provide actionable information that you can use to improve your social presence.

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