7 Solid Reasons Why Productivity is Important for Students

Are you a productive student?

Have you ever thought of why productivity is important? What does it mean to be actually productive?

In this post, we’ll discuss on building your productivity, some reasons to build them, and a few steps to achieve super productivity.

Students, in terms of workload, spends more energy as compared to normal office workers.

They have to do projects, assignments, class tests, assessments, write reports, attend lectures and in the end carry home tons of homework.

It is easy to get burned out and lose motivation if you’re not being productive.

That brings us to our first question.

What is a Productive Student?

Productive Student

Productive students are those students who achieves an end goal in much less time as compared to others. They achieve this through making small tweaks to their work schedule by dividing their work into smaller periods and sticking to them consistently.

Reasons Why Productivity is Important:

There are hundreds of reasons why productivity is important, but we’ll be mentioning only the main reasons here.

1. Achieve More in Less Time

Time management as a student

Productivity is the art of achieving more in less time.

While other people procrastinate, you can use productivity tactics to get things done way before your competitors.

Pushing yourself and doing things that are worthwhile at a faster rate will help you grow more in a small time period.

Now that I remember, even procrastination can be done productively by doing less important things while you’re procrastinating.

You may learn more about that in our guide to procrastinating productively.

2. Improve Yourself Quicker

Actions lead to habits, habits lead to values and values lead to a better life. This is true almost anywhere.

When you force yourself to be productive, you’re already having a huge upper hand over the rest who choose to be idle.

You’ll constantly test and improve your skills when you start being productive and work on the important stuff.

3. Stand Out From the Crowd

Stand out from the crowd

Do you want to do something different than what others are doing?

If your answer is yes, then I think its high time that you consider improving your productivity levels.

Normal people follows the rat race.

A rat race is a purposeless way of living life. Most people study for 15-20 years, work for 40-50 years and spend the rest of their life with the meagre amount of money they have saved.

Then they’ll be at a point of time where they can’t properly enjoy their lives even if they have a substantial bank balance.

Productive people utilize their time more effectively in improving their skills so that they can live the life a vast majority of others can’t afford.

4. Prevent Burnout

Students may get demotivated after they work on something for a long time.

The only thing that motivates them to work further is if they start getting results from what they’re working on.

Productivity helps gain that result twice, thrice or even more quick.

Now as adapting productivity improves your chances of getting results productive students have much lesser chance on burning out.

5. Develop a Positive Outlook towards Life

Happy student

Who doesn’t like getting things done?

The satisfaction of completing your chores is beyond words.

I love it when I finish drafting a blog post. All those hours of hard work are no more required and you’re about to provide useful content to your audience.

A solid reason why productivity is important is that your entire mindset will gradually become positive.

These positive thoughts in turn help you achieve other goals.

Although the initial stages can be a little stressful, in the long run, you’ll be thankful to yourself for choosing the productive path.

6. Better Chance of Achieving Goals

Student achieving goals

Slow and steady wins the race

We have all heard this proverb over a thousand times. Discipline and hard work are the keys to achieving all your life goals.

Being a productive student, you’ll do more things to achieve your dreams.

An idle student does not put in the effort required to make their goals practical. Productive students, on the other hand, find no value in wasting time, and therefore they work towards their goals.

7. Live a Stress-free life

Depression is a major problem faced by students.

The only actionable way to tackle this problem is by being productive.

This is because productive people get things done while others don’t and stress over it.

When people does their work on time they have more time to spend on leisure.

Tactics to be a Productive Student

1. The Pomodoro Method

The Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro Method is a time management technique used by students.

In this technique, you have to divide your work into smaller tasks of 25 minutes each and take a small break of 5 minutes between the sessions.

You’ll be more productive when you’re focusing on a smaller task at hand.

2. Work on the hardest tasks first

In the book, Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy, he suggests to complete your hardest tasks first to achieve maximum productivity.

When you complete the difficult tasks in the beginning, the remaining ones won’t demotivate you.

3. Stay Away from Social Media

Social Media

Social media can be addictive. It is hard to ignore those notifications that keeps piling up.

Did someone like my picture? Did that girl text me back?

Your curiosity keeps building up. And have you ever thought why that happens?

It’s because the user interface and the notification system in all those social media apps are designed so as to make you addicted in using them.

Everything is structured in such a manner that you’ll make those apps a part of your habit cycle. Most students fall trap to this.

The only way to break out of the hook cycle of social media applications is to avoid using them completely or partially.

It might be hard staying away from such apps. So try to limit how much time you spend on them.

In the long run, you may even target to eliminate the use of such apps completely and use that time more productively.


Productivity is important on achieving any tasks you can think of. Being idle won’t help you get anywhere.

It’s tempting to procrastinate on your tasks. But the longer you procrastinate now, it’s going to get much harder for you in the future.

Learn from these reasons and be more productive, it is never too late to start.

Now go get things done!

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