33 Smart Questions to Ask An Interviewer

Interviews have become an integral part of a career-oriented life. Tackling this situation is either a walk in the park or drowning in the ocean.

While an interview is a complicated conversation with the interviewer and a prospective employee, it feels like a hostile environment of dodging bombshells of questions.

More often than not, to the end of an interview, there is always an opportunity to ask questions. The handling of such situations effectively can determine that you are landing your dream job.

In this article you’ll learn some quick questions to ask an interviewer.

Before we go into the article, here are some tips to bear in mind:

  • While these are basic guidelines on your questions, framing your own questions that relate more to the interview course is always recommended.
  • Do not ask Yes/No questions, and do not ask questions with a broad answer.
  • It is recommended to ask two questions and not more.
  • It is good to ask questions about the company’s values and culture. But do not make it seem that you have not done your research.

Now that you know let us launch into our list of the best questions to ask when in an interview.

1) Questions regarding your prospective position in the company

questions to ask an interviewer
  • What are the primary responsibilities of the position?
  • What would my day-to-day routine look like if I got the job?
  • What can you tell me about the job apart from what was in the description?
  • What would I be expected to accomplish in my first month/year on the job?
  • What is the key to succeeding in this role?
  • Do you expect the responsibilities for this role to change shortly?

If you’re clear on your position and the role’s ins and outs, you can then move on to larger and more general questions to ask an interviewer.

2) Questions that demonstrate an interest in the company

You’ve shown interest in the position, but you should also show them that you are a team player who would be proud to be part of the company.

  • What is the work culture like here?
  • Can you tell me what the team is like?
  • What model of reinforcement do you use to correct and instruct?
  • Is there a career path that someone in this position would be expected to follow?
  • What are the prospects for growth?
  • What could you tell me about a company that isn’t widely known?
  • What kind of leadership/management style do you promote in the company?
  • How does the company take an idea from inception to completion?

These questions show you don’t only think about yourself and how you can get your work done, but rather they portray you as someone who cares about the company’s livelihood and success as a whole.

3) Questions that reveal your skill sets and your determination for self-improvement

  • How do you measure performance and success in this role?
  • How is feedback given to employees?
  • Could you tell me what it looks like to get a performance review?
  • What would you consider top accomplishments for someone in this role over the next year?
  • Are there any special projects that I would work on soon?
  • What type of things would I need to achieve to advance within the position/company?
  • Is there anything else I could tell you about myself that would help you with your decision?

Ask intelligent questions in an interview so you can leave after making one last strong impression.

4) Questions regarding challenges, struggles, and competition

Asking about the company’s pain points and current struggles will allow you to start a conversation about adding value to the company by fixing them. On top of that, inquiring about their competition and everyday challenges gives you insight into whether or not the position will be a good fit for you.

  • What mistakes have people made in this position?
  • Which competitors/products/targets are you most worried about?
  • How many people have left the company in the last year?
  • What’s the biggest change/challenge the department/company/industry has had to face recently?

Asking questions about the company’s competition and pain points shows that your mindset is already in the role and your head is in the game. This will easily impress them and make it easy to envision you in that position, as well.

5) Questions about opportunities and future

Make them see that you are a keeper by asking about growth and opportunities. Show you care about the company and the position by asking how they will develop or move forward.

  • How do you reward employees for good work?
  • Do you see the role of expanding in the future?
  • Do you have any on the job training?
  • Are there opportunities for professional development? If so, what do those look like?
  • How many people have joined the company recently?
  • Is the company growing?
  • Where would you like the company to be in five years?

When you show that you care about the future success of the company, they’ll be thrilled. This is one of the best ways toward how to succeed in an interview.


The interviewer asks, “Well, that’s about it. Do you have any questions for me?” You have to ask something to show that you’re prepared and that you give a damn.

Make sure you ask at least two good questions from our list of the top questions to ask an interviewer because it shows that:

You’re Interested – Ask the interviewer questions that show your interest and enthusiasm for the position, the company, and any immediate tasks or special projects you may be given.

You’re Impressive – Ask the employer questions that are deep and meaningful instead of simply-answered yes-no questions. Allow your questions to reiterate how impressive you are for the role. Know how to ask good questions.

You’re Insightful – Ask the interviewer questions about the company’s future and opportunities for the role and current struggles, pain points, and challenges they face.

Besides these questions to ask an interviewer, I also found an interesting video by Hubspot on how to prepare for a job interview:

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