9 Best Passive Income Ideas in India To Build Wealth

Have you been tired of searching for passive income ideas in India and not getting any helpful results?

I have been in your shoes.

It was only a year back when I first started searching for ways to make money online, and most of the results I got were online scams.

I eventually landed a typing job on which I had to pay 1800 INR as an application fee. Although I had a bad feeling about paying the fee, the huge salary mentioned on the website tempted me to try it out.

Want to know what happened? I’ll tell you that in the end. All good things come to those who have patience!😉

A year has taught me a lot about the digital world and I have figured out the right passive income ideas in India for those who are willing to commit.

There are tons of online frauds going on the internet already. So I decided to write this article to help those people who are looking for genuine ways of earning passive income.

If you think making passive income as a teenager is hard, that’s because you haven’t had the chance to find the right ways yet.

Fear not, How about I tell you about all the real methods to build passive income as a teenager?

But before that, let us make sure that we are on the same page.

What is Passive Income?

Passive income is any income that you generate without having to work for it.

Sounds good?

Well, it does not mean that you don’t have to work to build them. It may take several months, if not years to build a passive income source.

However, after you took the time to structure them, you don’t have to work much on them again. At least, not more than to just maintain them.

An example of building up a passive income as a teenager would be dropshipping.

Dropshipping is a business model in which you don’t make products yourself. Instead, you buy products from a dealer and ship them to a customer when you receive an order.

I’ll be writing more on dropshipping later. So stay tuned.

Waking up to see thousands of dollars rolling into your Paypal feels great right? That’s what passive income does for you.

Passive Income Ideas in India

If you haven’t started a side hustle yet, then don’t feel sad. “It’s better to be late than never.” Let’s start our 2021 with a new source of income. What could be a better new year resolution than this? Now you must be thinking about the ways to begin with.

So, why not look into the 9 most promising sources of passive income ideas in India that can be generated online.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is by far the best beginner-friendly method to make passive income online, and how I started out as well.

With affiliate marketing, you can promote a third party’s product through specialized links by promoting them through your social media, blogs, etc.

The most popular affiliate program must be Amazon but there are many more such programs like Clickbank, CJ Affiliate, eBay, ShareASale, etc.

It isn’t that easy though. You’ll have to attract people to your website or social media platform, and it demands good content.

Once you invest some time learning how to create good content, then affiliate marketing becomes one of the best passive income ideas in India.

Start a YouTube channel

Starting a YouTube channel is still a great way to monetize your passions.

Next time after you watch a great movie, grab a camera ( or use your phone) and make a video of your review of the movie and upload it to YouTube.

Keeping on making such videos focused on a niche audience.

Take some time to learn more about YouTube and how to make better videos.

Given time you’ll eventually learn it all and start attracting more subscribers. Once you reach the YouTube threshold which 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours, you may enable monetization and start deciding how to spend the money.

Another great way to earn passive income as a teenager.

Start a Blog

This is yet another great idea to earn passive income.

start a blog - passive income ideas for students

Pick a topic which you’ve good knowledge on and people are interested to learn. Find out what they want to learn through forums like Quora and other similar blog comments.

Go ahead and write your heart out. Be sure to provide readers with maximum value and add your unique touch.

Once you have enough readers rolling in, you can enable ads on your website, or better yet, promote your affiliate offers.

But be sure to check the quality of affiliate products as it should be good or your readers won’t trust your recommendations.

If you’re consistent it will be the best source of passive income.


Writing an ebook is just like writing a blog, except it is much lengthy and much detailed.

If you’re willing to put in the effort to build a passive income, then this method will work for you.

But still, you need the skills to pay the bills.

If you’re an effective writer then this would work fine for you.

Flip items

The idea is simple. Buy something you’re interested in and flip it to your friends, relatives, or someone else for a small profit.

But for this to work you should actually find out what people would buy.

Otherwise, it would be a waste of money unless, of course, if you love what you sell, then it’s great.

This is actually a huge business model. Real estate dealers often buy huge chunks of land and flip them at a great profit.

Nothing lost, everything to gain. Pretty nice passive income idea, Eh?

Online Courses and Mentoring

To get a decent job with a reasonable salary, an individual requires additional skills apart from his academic qualifications. That is why many of us seek online certification courses to enhance our CV and land a job.

Online courses have various advantages, like, ease in accessibility, cost benefits, no time lost on traveling, etc. 

If you want to earn money by sharing your knowledge with others at a reasonable cost, then this is the best fit for you.

What you have to do is to create online lessons on your favorite topic and sell them to people who are looking for the same.

There are quite a few websites where you can create your accounts as a course provider. You can also create your website for selling your courses.

Stock Trading

If you think that you do not possess the skills to either work as a marketer or online mentor, then don’t worry.

We have another source of passive income for you. This passive income source requires an individual to have a lot of knowledge and experience regarding the system.

Without the proper knowledge, you should never get into this; else you might lose a sufficient sum.

Yes, I am talking about stock trading. Stock trading means buying a company’s share for a price and then selling it at a profit.

The entire process of buying and selling is conducted online. To become a stock trader, you will be required to open a trading account with a broker. 

The mechanism of opening a trading account and then operating it is very easy. However, the tough part is to select which company’s share you want to buy. For this, you will be required to educate yourself before you can begin trading.

Graphics Designing

Graphic designing, video editing, photoshops are a few of the most demanded skills of today.

If you are a tech-friendly person, proficient with different editing software, and very creative. Then this is a must grab the opportunity for you.

Many people who are either vlogging or blogging or have a youtube page are constantly in need of a person with the above-mentioned skills. 

You can work with these clients and earn a good sum of money through your skills.

If you are a person who is interested in working as a graphic designer or video editor but lacks skills, then don’t worry. There are plenty of free online courses teaching these skills to several people.

Digital Marketing

One of the fastest-growing industries of today’s is digital marketing.

We are moving rapidly to an era of technologies, where almost everyone seems to be scrolling their social media accounts. That’s when all the big and small companies decided to go online for marketing their products and services, to reach out to their customers.

Therefore, these companies are looking for someone who can manage their business and generate leads for companies using online platforms.

Digital marketing comprises a lot of activities, that is, social media marketing, content writing, designing graphics and templates for online posters, etc.

The work of a digital marketer is to use these tools of marketing and help their clients benefit from the same.

If you are someone who likes marketing and have the relevant skills required, then you will be able to generate a lot of income using a digital marketing platform.


There are a lot of ways to start earning passive income as a teenager and building a great financial career. But you should be willing to make the effort.

Once you make up your mind to do the hard work, never back up and you’ll be successful. Invest your time and money in your knowledge because investing in yourself is the best kind of investment.

Almost forgot, as it turns out the typing job I landed in was also a scam. They gave us a huge textbook that I had no chance of typing within the given time.

Later on, I learned the genuine ways of building passive income and increasing productivity. This blog is a result of that findings. I hope it would definitely help you out in your journey.

Even if you’re not into building a passive income, it’s time to take your career seriously. If you’re looking to study abroad, take a look at the 8 popular exams to study abroad.

Keep hustling!

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