Meesho Case Study 2021 – India’s Most Successful Reselling Platform

meesho case study

Want to start the business of your own with zero investment? 

We have come up with a case study of one legit app which is India’s biggest online reselling platform that helps people in business.

Meesho is basically a reselling platform originated in India. It is India’s best earning app with 1 crore resellers across the country. It is available on both android and iOS. It helps small businesses to sell products on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and any other online platform.

Read this case study to know more about Meesho.


Meesho app has helped women from all over India to be independent and to start their own business. Since Meesho is an e-commerce platform, everything from purchasing and reselling can be done online. It is the largest social platform which allows anyone to start their own business with zero investment. 

How does it work?

Reselling is basically, purchasing products from the wholesale supplier and selling it to the customers after adding a margin.

The application has multiple wholesale suppliers. As a reseller, you first need to buy products from wholesale suppliers and then sell it to the customers on various online platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook and likewise. 

You also get a bonus for making extra sales. Besides, a user also makes money by referring Meesho app to others. 

How do they make money?

Meesho works on a business model just like any other e-commerce site.

It charges a standard delivery fee and 10-20% commission depending on the products. It also charges a penalty for the return products. 

Product Analysis of this reselling platform

Meesho has a very large collection of products from various categories( approx 200).

You can read reviews and case study of the products before buying. Meesho also runs quality checks from time to time to ensure that customers get the best quality products.  

Target customers

50% of Meesho’s audience come from Tier 2, 3, 4 cities. Company claims to have presence in over 1000 cities across the country. 

The target audience of Meesho are women who are home-makers, wanting to start their own business. 

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Why one should use it?

One of the biggest reasons why you should use Meesho is that it helps you start your business with zero investment. It is for the women who want to start their journey in business and dont have money to invest. Since it is an online platform and you don’t have to  go out for business, it is very convenient to use. 

Competitor Analysis

Meesho’s primary competitors are DealShare, GlowRoad, Shop101

Future goals

Meesho wants to diversify its business model to help 100 million small businesses.

Right now, the main focus of the company is clothing and jewelry, but they want to go beyond these few categories and include new ones, such as grocery and Fast Moving Consumers Goods(FMCG).

Company is also experimenting with new categories like travel packages where resellers try to sell travel package. 

Interesting facts related to Meesho

  • India’s first and the largest online platform to help small businesses and individuals to start their own business.
  • Have around 21k wholesale suppliers.
  • 90% customer base is women
  • One of the top 3 companies to get selected for Y Combinator in 2016
  • Also known as “Meri Shop”
  • Generated an income of 80 crore to the Indian resellers, till now.
  • Resellers have shared over 30,00,000 products on different social media platforms.

Meesho app features

  • Business catalogue for whatsapp
  • Share catalogue to any app easily
  • Earn money through referrals
  • Extra money for extra sales
  • Commission on every sale
  • COD and Online payment availability

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Who is the founder of Meesho?

IIT graduates Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwal are the founders of Meesho.

2. Is Meesho app trustworthy?

Yes, Meesho is a legit reselling platform. It has helped many people to start their own business and earn money without any investment.

3. What is the revenue of Meesho?

According to inc24, Meesho has recorded revenue of INR 341.6 Cr in FY20 which is 4x of the revenue 84.8 Cr generated in FY19.

We hope that this case study have helped you in one way or other. Do let us know if you want us to come up with some other company’s case study.