5 Most Popular Indian Unicorn Startups in 2021

From 3000 startups in 2014 to 40,000 startups in 2020, there is a huge revolution in the market.

A Credit Suisse Group AG report says that by June 2021 India has around 100 unicorns in total with a combined market capitalization of $240 Billion and 2021 has been considered the year for unicorn startups. 

By May 2021, India has seen the birth of 10 unicorn startups and is expecting. According to a joint report by IT industry lobby group Nasscom and technology consultancy Zinnov, India is about to see 50 new unicorn startups births by the end of 2021.

After hearing all these big numbers you might faint, but do you know what a unicorn is? Unicorn startup means the startup which has a valuation of more than $1 Billion.

Here we are with the details of 5 crazy Indian unicorn startups you would love to read.

Name Entry Year Valuation Sector Location
Cred 2018 $2.2 Billion Payments- Credit card bills Mumbai
Groww 2016 $1 Billion personal finance- Mutual funds Bangalore
Meesho 2015 $2.2 Billion Social commerce Bangalore
PharmEasy 2014 $1.5 Billion e-Pharmacies Mumbai
Urban Company 2014 $2.1 Billion Marketplace- Handyman services Delhi

 Detailed Breakdown of Unicorn Startups

1. Cred

Unicorn startups - Cred

Our rating: 4.6/5

Cred is one of the biggest unicorn startups that offer you to pay bills using the app. It gives rewards to its users for paying credit card bills on time.

Business model:

The business model of Cred is divided into three parts:

1.   Customer who pays credit card bills

2.   The Cred app

3.   Businesses who provide an offer on the app

  • Tells you about the unexpected charges on credit card bills
  •  Alert you about the dues to be paid
  • Cashbacks and rewards on paying bills
  • One-stop platform to track payment history of all  cards
  • A concern of data privacy

  • No phone service for customers’ support
  •  Once you save your credit card in Cred and don’t pay bills using Cred, it will continue to reflect payment due on the platform

Biggest Competitors

DigiByte, Orangepay, Copenhagen FinTech, Verifi

2.   Groww

Unicorn startups - Groww

Our rating: 4.6/5

Groww is a new-age investment platform that offers investment in a direct mutual fund with a 0% commission. They also offer trading of stocks with low-cost trading charges.

Business Model

Groww doesn’t charge for direct mutual funds and a very low-cost trading charge. Instead, there is a premium feature which offers advisory services on investments and portfolio.

  •  Simple pricing model

  • Provides investment in US stock, digital gold, and corporate FD.

  • Online IPO application
  • Zero account opening charge
  •  Feature to transfer external regular mutual fund to direct mutual fund.

  • No branch supports

  • Don’t offer NRI trading

Biggest competitors:

Zerodha, Upstox, Kuvera

3.   Meesho

Our rating: 4.6/5

Meesho is India’s biggest online reselling platform and another one of the biggest unicorn startups that helps small businesses to grow their business using social media.

Business Model

Meesho is a three-way marketplace connecting suppliers, resellers, and consumers. Meesho has a list of wholesale suppliers which sell their product in bulk to the resellers which in term sells to the individual customers.

  • Catalog for various social media platforms

  • Commission on every sale
  • Extra money through referrals and extra sales
  • Large collection of products from various categories

  • Complains about wrong/defective products

  • Don’t offer NRI trading

Biggest competitors:

DealShare, GlowRoad, Shop101

4.   PharmEasy

Unicorn startups - PharmEasy

Our rating: 4.6/5

With the intent to provide access to good health and affordable healthcare in the country, PharmEasy is  India’s leading online healthcare and medicine delivery platform.

Business Model

It uses a pin code to identify pharmacies near respective users. The online pharmacy store offers medicines against the prescription provided by the registered medical practitioner.

  • Zero convenience fee on all orders

  •  No fee for doctor’s consultation.

  • Reminders and alerts to get medicines

  • Transaction issues reported by users

  • It doesn’t take responsibility for the wrong product delivery as it is a platform to connect sellers and buyers.

Biggest competitors:

Ranger Health, Myra Medicines, Hello Heart, ScriptDrop.

5. Urban Company

Unicorn startups- Urban Company

Our rating: 4.6/5

Urban Company is also one of the biggest unicorn startups in India. It is India’s largest skilled home service platform that connects skilled, trained, and experienced professionals to the users looking for specific services.

Business Model

The urban company bridges the gap between service seekers and service providers.

  •  Verified professionals with police verification

  • Repair warranty up to certain days

  •  Hassle-free delivery
  • They get in touch with you before an hour of service

  • Complains about customer service

  • Many times professionals don’t maintain hygiene

Biggest competitors:

Housejoy, Helpr, Premend, Mr Right, Bro4u

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We hope that this article about unicorn startups has helped you in some way or the other. 

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