The Best Guide on How to Build A Morning Routine

Few things impact the way you live your life. Starting off the new day with a good start and a focused mind helps you achieve the goals you set for yourself.

But how to build a morning routine?

Why is it important?

It is no rocket science to prepare what to do in the morning, start the day by waking up early and going for a walk.

You can plan the next day with a planner’s help and set up a certain time for each task.

You can change the way of living towards betterment by just following a simple morning routine.

You will feel the difference within the first weeks, and things will start getting more clear as we talk more in this guide.

In this post, I’ll help you understand the importance of a morning routine and how to build one for yourself.

How To Build A Morning Routine?

Before talking on anything else, let us understand the basics steps in building a morning routine. Once you start implementing a strict morning routine, the change it is going to bring will make you understand of its importance.

Listing the Tasks

First and foremost, list all the work, however small or big, meaningless or meaningful, and write those down on the piece of paper.

This will give you an idea about the rest of the day you will have, even if it is hectic or free.

Arrange the tasks in their Order of Importance

Always separate the important, less important, and not important tasks and place them differently. It is necessary to understand which one will be the most important one on the list.

Keep the important ones first and others in a descending order of importance.

Create A Table With These Tasks

Place the task in various tables according to the time, importance, and urgency. This will give you a clear idea about what needs to be done first and what not at all.

Time Division

Always divide time between the tasks. Estimate and assign approximate minutes or hours you need to give to each task.

This way, you will be able to manage and jumble the time between tasks.

Build a Task Calendar

Keep a daily calendar on your phone or by your side and write down all the tasks according to their importance and time it needs. Here are some ways to create a project calendar.


You ever feel like skipping work next Monday once you spend a lazy Sunday on your couch or bed from morning to evening.

This happens because you were not following your daily morning routine. Consistency is the key to making something your habit.

Try to keep up the morning routine every single day, even on Sundays too. Don’t look for excuses to avoid waking up, working out, meditating, or getting tasks done.

The further you push something, the lazier you get. However, don’t start with a huge list of things to do from the very first day.

Add one thing every day, and consequently, you will find yourself doing new things each day. As it is said, it will take 21 to 66 days to make something your habit.

There is no need to rush; you can take your time, build a habit consistently, and once you achieve that, you’ll see the difference yourself.

You’ll be more productive, efficient, happier, and confident while your days get easier every passing day.

Habits That Will Help You Create A Good Morning Routine

Few habits will help you create a better morning every day. Not that it is the same for everyone, I know it isn’t. But a man can try, at least follow something worth making a day good.

Here are the habits you can follow and adjust to your life accordingly:

  1. Wake up early. 5 minutes earlier than yesterday. It will be the first win of your upcoming day.
  2. Go for a walk, inhale the fresh air, drink a glass of water, and finally work out a little to wake your body up properly or meditate for a while.
  3. It is convenient to use an alarm but never snooze it. Wake up when the very first alarm goes off.
  4. Keep your phone away from the bed so that you need to leave your bed to fetch it. Do the same with your alarm. Please keep it in the distance from you, so you have to leave the bed to turn it off.
  5. Accept failure. If you fail to follow the routine someday, don’t beat yourself around the bush. Try Again; you have a whole new day to start again.
  6. Adapt according to the changes. Allow the changes over time. Evolution and adaptation are applicable even in your daily routine.
  7. Go to bed early and get at least 8 hours of sleep, or else you will have a hazy, lazy, and tired morning the next day.

Principles For Successful Morning Routine

You might have hundreds of tasks to do the next day, and you might have an idea of what to do and when to do what.

Here are three basic principles that will stick with you no matter how busy you get the next day, making your morning a great success:

Prepare For Tomorrow Beforehand

Before going to bed, note down all the tasks you want to or have to do the next day on a piece of paper rather than jolting them in your mind.

This will ease your mind and let you sleep well. The next day you will have a clear idea of the day you will have, thanks to your subconscious mind.

Start The Day With Easier Tasks

“If you want to change the world, start by making your bed.”

Admiral William McRaven

Here he is talking about a simple task to start a day. It is as easy as that; if you want to have a productive day, start your morning with a simpler task that is easier to accomplish.

This will motivate you to go ahead with the day with a positive attitude and the right mind.

Keep the Difficult Tasks Scheduled For Your Best Working Hours

The human mind doesn’t always function best, and you know when you work the best. If you have some important yet difficult task, schedule it during those hours.

Take a break, have a cup of coffee, and start again. You will see the difference; a tired body and mind will never give you the result you want, even for the easier task, let alone the difficult ones.

These tips are more than to answer all your doubts on how to build a morning routine. Still have questions remaining, let me know in the comments.

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