Freshersworld Review 2021: Worth It Or Overhyped?

freshersworld review

In today’s world, even if you don’t have a job offline, there are many online platforms from which you can get work even while sitting at home.

Freshersworld is one of them. As a fresher, it is very hard for one to get selected for any job post as an employer would always prefer an experienced person over a fresher. Freshersworld is a website that helps freshers to find jobs and gain experience.

In this detailed Freshersworld Review, we will take a look at the features of this website, and how you can use it to your advantage.

freshersworld review

MY RATING – (4.1/5)

Bottom Line

With 1.5 crore users on the portal, the main aim of this website is to help the entry-level candidate find work in the organization of their choice.

Freshersworld also helps people with study material for entrance exams like GATE-CSE, JEE, CAT MATH, IES, and many more.

They help you to improve your skills even for interviews with all the aptitude tests, general knowledge, and interview questions.

What is Freshersworld?

Getting a job immediately after graduation is the dream of every fresher. So, Joby Joseph, founder, and CEO of Freshersworld developed a website in 2000 as a job portal for freshers. With 25 Million page views every month, Freshersworld has helped more than 50000 freshers find a job and more than 4000 recruiters find fresh talent.Freshersworld, being the popular name among the youth, helps them with multiple online directories, interview-based questions, sample test papers for many entrance exams, and much more.

Major courses available:

  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Data interpretation
  • Placement papers
  • Resume format


It is purely free of charge to use Freshersworld. Even though there is a premium service available which is a paid one. You can make an account for free and can take benefit of many services. 

Premium subscription cost: 

INR 999(3 Months)INR 1499(12 Months)

Benefits of premium service:

  • Apply to unlimited jobs
  • Prioritizing job listing and assured call letters
  • Promote your job application to the top
  • Free placement papers for interview preparation
  • Free global resume
  • Guidance from experts
  • Personalized reminders for all interviews

How does Freshersworld work?

As mentioned above, Freshersworld helps freshers to find their dream job, one must have a resume or CV while applying for the job post.

You just have to go to the website, search for the relevant jobs and apply for them.

If you get shortlisted, you will get a call and there will be an interview with the respective company.

By just creating a free account you can get access to many facilities, like aptitude test and interview preparation.

 With giving so many facilities to the students or freshers, Freshersworld is also a one-stop-shop provider for recruiters and can pull down recruiting costs significantly.

Data integrity

Data integrity is one of the main important topics, when you run such a big company and which has the personal information of the students.

Freshersworld makes sure that there is no misuse of any personal data. They only let authorized companies post the job.

My Unbiased Review:

They are general job portal, and it is hard to find jobs in specific industries. All the preparation guides like aptitude test and sample question papers for entrance exams is definitely a plus.

Other Alternatives:

Although Freshersworld is a very good website, there are few other alternatives to it:

  • LinkedIn Jobs
  • Monster India
  • Glassdoor

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Is Freshersworld trustworthy?

Freshersworld is a legit website. It has helped many people to find jobs of their preference.

2. Is it worth upgrading premium in Freshersworld?

Yes, If you are looking for good companies and better jobs, it is advisable. Since you get your first preference as an applicant, your chances of selection get higher. Also, there are many other benefits of the premium package.

3. Does Freshersworld charge money?

No. Neither Freshersworld nor any company charges anything from the applicants. It is free of cost(except premium).