Entri App Review 2021 | Is it Worth It?

entri app review

MY RATING – (4.3/5)

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Bottom Line

Entri app is an online learning app for job seekers that offers courses and learning materials for exams like Kerala PSC, IBPS Clerk, PO, SBI PO, SSC, RRB, Insurance, and more.


  • Syllabus Based Classes
  • Learning materials for a range of exams
  • Flashcards and Quizzes for Effective Preparation
  • Advanced Mock Tests and Revision Tests
  • Daily Updated Current Affairs and Classes
  • Offers Huge Collection of Exam Resources


  • Caters uniquely to regional education systems and needs
  • Still needs to be expanded to other competitive exams

Offline PSC coaching and preparation of competitive examinations are becoming expensive. This is where online applications like Entri makes students’ lives easier.

In this Entri App Review, I’ll share with you my own unbiased opinion about the app and whether it’s a good fit for you.

Entri is an app, with over 5 Million users, providing advanced classes focusing on competitive examinations on a regional level. Their ultimate aim is to help you get a job as they have done for 50,000 others.

What is Entri App?

Entri app is an EdTech startup founded by Mohammed Hisamuddin and Rahul Ramesh in 2015. The app is basically a test preparation application for different examinations.

The specialty of Entri is that it offers education in your regional language. Initially, the app was offering coaching only for Kerala PSC exams but now has courses for different examinations in Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi.

Currently, it also offers crash courses for NEET and JEE. English preparation classes are also available on Entri.

If you are having doubts on how to use Entri, this article by their team will guide you through the process.

Major Courses Available on Entri

  • Aptitude For Placement Exams
  • Digital Marketing
  • Spoken English Bootcamp
  • Art Of Sales
  • Kerala, Telangana, Andhra, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu PSC

There are also numerous other courses available. You can check more of them here.

Cost and Availability

Entri is free to use. Although there’s a premium program that assigns you to a personalized trainer who can help you progress, most of the learning materials are free to use.

If you make a free account, you can keep a track of your courses, attend interactive quizzes, and also make use of several other features as well.

The premium subscription costs you anywhere from INR 999 to 6000.

How does Entri App Work?

Entri is built around video lectures, short readings, and interactive quizzes. You can save your videos for later reference, make notes or even add comments. The video classes are all arranged in a sequential manner.

There’s an exam tab from where you can attempt daily practice tests that can boost your topical understanding.

There is also a ‘groups’ tab where you can interact with other learners and use the discussion to attain collective knowledge on the subject that you wish to learn.

Although I felt that there should be more organized in-depth classes, Entri has made it possible to access good lectures in their mother tongue. Language is no longer a constraint with Entri.

The Learning Experience

With over 1 million downloads in Play Store and a rating of 4.6/5, Entri has given users an overall excellent experience.

The UX is smooth providing a good experience. Their lectures are from professional trainers making learning an easier process.

The app keeps track of your progress, the number of questions attempted, points gained, and your leaderboard progress as well.

Other Alternatives

The other popular alternatives to Entri include:

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Here are some FAQs related to Entri App Review answered:

1. Is Entri App paid?

Some courses on Entri app are paid and there’s also a premium subscription available on Entri to get personalized training and mentorship. However, you can access a lot of courses without having to pay for a subscription.

2. How do I install Entri on my laptop?

As of now, Entri is only available as a mobile application. You can however make use of android emulators like Bluestacks and NoxPlayer to use Entri in your laptop.

3. Is Entri the best app for PSC exam?

Users rate Entri as one of the best applications for Kerala PSC preparations. Many claims to have secured good marks as a result of using Entri.

4. Is Entri app good for bank coaching?

Entri Banking 2.0 provided more than 24000 mock tests for preparing you with the best bank coaching. No other applications can be better than Entri for bank exam preparation.

If you are preparing for any competitive examinations, I recommend you download the app and let me know what you think about it through the comments section. For more product reviews, join our mailing list.