17 Best Certification Courses for Computer Science Engineers

47% of hiring managers say they are more likely to hire a certified professional than a non-certified one. The same percentage says that hiring tech pros with certifications is a priority.

A certification can help your clients know your skill and expertise. It can help you to qualify for a more advanced job. They can help increase your earning potential and help increase your value for your employer.

In this article,  I have mentioned the best certification courses for Computer Science Engineers.

Different certification courses are mentioned according to the field of your interest.


1. Sap Certification in Database:

This certificate verifies that the individual has the knowledge required for the management of SAP projects. It helps you differentiate yourself in a saturated market. 

This can help you get a higher salary. It is one of the best certifications for computer science engineers. It can help you stay up to date with SAP technologies and solutions.

SAP simplified:

SAP Simplified

Become an expert in SAP ERP through this course.


This course will help you to :

  • Know the basic functions of SAP ERP
  • To Navigate with ease in SAP
  • To work with transactions in SAP

Level:  Beginner

 If you’re an absolute beginner this is the best course for you. It helps you learn the basics of SAP.

2. Oracle Certification in Database:

This certificate verifies that the individual has knowledge of oracle technology and products. It can help improve your productivity at work.

It helps improve your employer’s satisfaction with your work. It includes advanced knowledge and skill that is required by professionals.

OCP Oracle Database 12c- performance management and tuning:


Become an expert in Oracle Technology through this course.

This course is for the experts. In this course you,

  • Will analyze the SQL performance with available tools.
  • Will be introduced to various methods of identifying SQL statements that require management and tuning
  • Diagnostic tools used to find ways to improve performance and much more.

 Level: Expert 

3. Microsoft SQL Certification in Database:

They offer a variety of certificates like data management and analytic, and database administration.

There is an entry-level Microsoft association certificate and then many associate-level certifications including business intelligence development. 

Microsoft SQL Database boot camp

Microsoft SQL

Become an expert in SQL through this course.

In this course, you will be able to 

  • Know how to create and manipulate tables
  • Understand how SQL data is stored
  • Be able to backup and restore a database and much more.

Level: Beginner to intermediate.

4. IBM Certified Database Administrator:

This certificate verifies that this individual has experience as a DBA and extensive knowledge of DB2. It demonstrates your expertise in IBM related technologies.

Cloud Computing

1. CompTIA Cloud+ :

This certificate verifies that individual can maintain and optimize cloud infrastructure services

2. CompTIA cloud essentials :

This certificate verifies that an individual has the basic knowledge of fundamental components that make up a company’s cloud solutions

COMP TIA cloud+ basic: 


Become an expert in Cloud Computing through this course.

In this course, you will learn:

  • Cloud concepts and models
  • Data storage and networking
  • Network Infrastructure

Level: Beginner

3. AWS cloud certification.

4. Microsoft cloud certification.


Getting certification warrants getting a job in networking. It can increase your earning potential and make you eligible for a higher wage.

1. CompTIA+ Network.

2. Cisco CCNA certification.

3. Cisco CCNP certification. 

Software developer

1. G soc (google summer of codes)

2. Oracle Certified Java Developer:

This certificate certifies an individual’s ability and capability. It is built on fundamental skills of OCA and more advanced skills of OCP. 

If you’re struggling to get a programming job this is one of the best certification courses for computer science engineers

3. Microsoft.

Data science:

1. Cloudera certified administrator for Apache Hadoop (CCAH).

2. Cloudera certified professional: data scientist ( CCP: DS).

3. IBM data science professional certificate.

You can choose any of these courses, apply and get a certificate. These are some of the best courses for computer science engineering students so you can decide which course you want to apply for.

FAQs in Certification Courses for Computer Science Engineers

1. What certification should I get for computer science engineering?

 I have mentioned some of the best certification courses for computer science engineering students. You can choose from any of these courses.

2. Is it compulsory to get a certification course in computer science?

Candidates with certifications are more likely to get hired than those without. It is your choice if you want to get a certification or not but If you have no luck getting a job you can get a certification course and apply for a job because it will make you more eligible.

3. Is computer science certification worth it?

They verify your skills to your employer and make you invaluable to your company. They increase your potential to get a higher salary and job position. They show to your employer that you have the skills to be successful at your job.

4. Which certification course should I choose for computer science?

It depends on your field of interest. I have mentioned the best certification courses for computer science engineering students. You can choose which field and course you are most interested in and apply for it.

5. Is it hard to get certified as a computer science engineer?

You have to pass an exam to get certified. It depends on how much you prepared, your knowledge, skill, and level of expertise. After enrolling in the course, You will be able to pass the exam by studying enough. After passing the exam, you can get certified. 

6)What are some benefits of getting a certification course additionally with computer science engineering?

Getting a certification course is very beneficial to computer science engineering students. I’m listing these below: 

– It can help your career growth

– Prove your skill to your employer

– Makes you eligible for a higher pay rate

– You are more likely to get hired.

– Increases your knowledge and expertise.

– Helps you keep up to date with new technologies and solutions.

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