6 Best Credit Cards For Students

As a student, you may need a credit card for paying college expenses. You clicked on this because you want to know the best credit cards for students. But why get a credit card? There are several benefits to getting a credit card as a student. I’ve listed them below.

-It is convenient to pay for college expenses.

-It gives a sense of security and peace in case of emergencies.

-It can help you earn reward points and cashback.

– It can help learn how to manage finances and build good financial habits

-It can help build credit scores.

Now that we know why getting a credit card is so beneficial for students. You might be thinking, is it possible to get the best credit cards for college students?

To answer your questions, Yes! It is possible to get the best credit cards for college students.

You just need to look at the right place and you clicked on the right article so let me tell you what are the best credit cards for students.

Best credit cards for students:

To save your time, here are the credit cards that we’ll discuss in-depth about:

Discover it Student Cashback:


Earn 5% cashback on everyday purchases and different items like amazon and grocery stores, gas stations, when you pay using PayPal. Earn 1% cashback on all other purchases.

Good grades Reward:

20$ statement credit each year your school G.P.A is 3.0 or higher 

No annual fee:

No late fee on first late payment. No APR charges for paying late.

Freeze it:

You can switch on/off your account that prevents new purchases, cash advances, and balance transfers in seconds.


Get an alert if your social security number is on any dark website. You can activate this alert for free.

Nationwide acceptance:

Discover credit cards are accepted nationwide by 99% of the places that accept credit cards.


0% intro APR on purchase for 6months, then the standard variable purchase of 12.99%-21.99% applies.

Foreign transaction fee: 


Refer a Friend.

Earn Rewards.

Discover it Student chrome:


Earn 2% cash back at gas stations and restaurants on up to 1000$ in combined purchases. Earn 1% cashback on all other purchases.

Good grades Rewards.

Earn Rewards: 

Earn rewards while building a credit history that can help you after graduation.

No annual fees.

Refer a friend:

Once you become a Discover it student cardmember, you can earn a statement credit each time you refer a friend and they are approved.

Freeze it.


Get an alert if your social security number is on any of thousands of dark websites.

Nationwide Acceptance.

Chase Freedom student credit card: 


$50 bonus after first purchase made within the first three months of opening


Earn 1% cashback on all purchases

Annual fee:

No annual fee

Credit limit:

Earn a credit limit increase after making 5 monthly payments on time within 10 months from account opening when meeting credit criteria

Cashback rewards:

No minimum to redeem for cashback. Cashback rewards do not expire as long as your account is open

Credit score:

Free credit score with chase credit journey.


Exclusive card:

This card is only for students who have availed education loan from the state bank of India.

You can get your card against a fixed deposit in any branch of the State bank of India.

Reward Points:

You get 1 reward point for every 100 Indian rupees spent.

You can use reward points to pay the outstanding balance on your card.

Spend based Reversal: 

If the total purchase of the card surpasses 35000 Indian rupees in the previous year, then there will be no annual fee.

0% Fuel surcharge: 

If you buy petrol worth Rs.50 – 3000, then you are also entitled to a 2.5% fuel waiver across all petrol pumps in India.

2.5% Value back:

You get 2.5% value back on spending on departmental and grocery stores.

Ready Cash:

You can enjoy an 80% cash withdrawal limit. You can also withdraw money from over 1 million Visa and MasterCard ATMs.

Accelerated rewards:

On your international spend, you get 10X reward points.

Worldwide acceptance: 

It’s an international credit card and is accepted across 24 million outlets globally. It is one of the best credit cards for students with no income.

Online booking of railway tickets:

As a student, you often have to travel from hostel to home and home to hostel. But you don’t have the time to get everything done. With an SBI student plus advantage card, you can order your railway tickets online and get them delivered to your doorstep.

Add on cards: 

If you’re a student education loan customer and you’re 18+, you can get add-ons SBI advantage cards for any family members, if you’re less than 18 years old then you can get an add-on card and your parents will get a primary card.

Utility payment facility:

You can pay your bills online.

Easy money


Balance transfer on EMI

ICICI Bank Student Forex Prepaid Card: 

It is one of the best credit cards for students.

It is accepted at all outlets that take a MasterCard. You can withdraw cash from 2.5 million MasterCard ATMs.


  • Highly rewarding
  • Convenient to use
  • International student identity card membership
  • 40% discount on extra baggage and 20% discount on courier service by DHL
  • Card protection plus insurance worth INR 1,600
  • Croma shopping voucher
  • Lost card liability coverage up to INR 5,00,000.
  • Joining Fees. INR 499
  • Annual Fees- INR 199 from the second year and avail of annual benefits.

HDFC Multicurrency Platinum Forex Plus Chip Card:

It is one of the best credit cards for students. You will get exclusive benefits and features with this card. 


  • Online usage allowed
  • Contactless card- Tap and pay
  • Secured transactions 
  • Protection against foreign exchange rate fluctuation 
  • Facility to change ATM pin according to your convenience
  • Online currency management
  • Back up card facility ( only on request)
  • Additional security with temporary card blocking facility
  • Intelligence to utilize funds across currency wallets

There are a lot of benefits to getting a credit card as a student. I have mentioned the best credit cards for students. You can choose whichever you like. It gives you a sense of safety and security. It is a great way to build good financial habits for future. It helps in building credit score too. You can choose which one of these credit cards you want to apply for.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) Can I get a student credit card as a student? 

 Sometimes you need a cosigner to sign up for a credit card. I have mentioned some of the best credit cards for students. You can choose whichever you like.

2) What is the fastest way to build credit? 

Here are some ways to build credit: 

-Pay bills on time

-Make frequent payments

-Use a secured credit card

3) How old do I have to be to get a student credit card?

You have to be at least 18 years old to get a credit card in your name. If you’re younger, you can be an authorized user on someone else’s name. There are special rules that apply to people younger than 21 years.

4) Do I need to get a job to get a credit card?

It improves your chances of getting a card but it’s not necessary. You can have an allowance, grants, or scholarships to get credit cards.

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