How to Avoid Laziness While Studying? 5 Tips That Works Magic!

Studying is never easy.

Like all hard things procrastination and laziness can easily surface when you decide to study.

Taking a short nap before you begin can seem like a tempting option but I highly doubt that you’d like the consequences it’ll bring along.

So, how to overcome the laziness while studying?

That’s a simple question with a complicated answer.

But since you’re reading this post I believe you really want to get rid off your laziness and so you’re way ahead of people who haven’t even thought of ending theirs.

In this post, I’ll tell you the top tips which toppers use to overcome their laziness.

But before that we should understand the reasons behind your laziness.

Let’s take a quick look at them.

Reasons Behind Your Laziness to Study

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1. Lack of Purpose

Quite often, your laziness is a result of not having the idea behind your long term goal.

You may not be fully aware of what gifts education can provide you with. Laziness will go away if you understand that education is a medium that has the potential to make your dreams come true.

Find a higher purpose that is based on your passion. Evaluate that goal and analyze if you need good education to reach that goal.

If you need better grades to achieve your goal write down that goal in a piece of paper and hang it somewhere in such a way that you will notice it everyday.

Make that goal your reason to stay awake and focused on studying.

This can help you a lot when tackling the problem related to lack of purpose.

2. Procrastination

laziness while studying

It’s easy to delay hard things than to get up and work on them.

Procrastination becomes the favorable option when you have the option of wasting away your time on social media and other unproductive activities.

Beating procrastination can be the only thing stopping you from all your goals. We’ll learn some super effective techniques to do that later in the article.

3. Lack of Motivation

Another major reason causing laziness while studying is your lack of motivation.

You may be at belief that your efforts to study won’t help you improve your performance.

You will lazy if you either believe in your abilities too strongly or not at all. (For example, “I’m good writer so starting a little late won’t matter” or “I’m bad at math so there’s no point in trying”.

4. Scanty Nourishment

Your nutrition can also be the cause of your laziness while studying.

We know that eating junk food makes you unhealthy. But did you know that’s also causing you to become lazy?

You may have come across tv shows picturing lazy people as overweight. They portray them so because being overweight causes fatigue which in turn trigger laziness and procrastination.

Here’s a list of the foods that may beat your fatigue.

Tips to Avoid Laziness While Studying

What makes a person successful? Is it their intelligence or their talent?

Neither, they have almost the same talent and intelligence as you have.

The only difference is their discipline and hardwork. If you adopt these two qualities, you can definitely become successful.

Hardwork beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

Tim Notke

Here are some actionable tips to avoid your laziness to study and be more productive:

1. Just Do it

Getting started is the biggest problem that a student can have.

You can procrastinate all day long but until and unless you start working, things won’t get easy.

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”

Mark Twain

Whenever you feel like doing something, just do it without giving it other thoughts.

Force yourself to get started and the rest will sort out by itself.

2. Use the 5 Second Rule

5 second rule is a really easy technique to start doing anything that you feel hard. In this technique, you’ll have to start doing what comes into your mind before you finish counting from 5 to 1.

Taking action without overthinking or procrastinating becomes easy while using this rule.

One thing you should take extra care is to count backwards as in 5…4…3…2…1. This help us focus better and start doing things before your mind timer hits zero.

3. The 2 Minute Rule

Hard tasks can easily scare you away, therefore it’s essential that you start with smaller ones.

The 2 Minute Rule suggests that you start on something that takes two minutes to complete. For example, if you’re lazy to start studying try solving a problem that takes two minutes.

Since the ‘2 minute tasks’ are relatively easier you’ll find no difficulty in attending them.

4. Get it Done With the 15 Minute Rule

Now that you have started hustling with your studying, I’ll tell you an effective way to continue studying.

Break your study sessions in 15 minute singular sessions having a 5 minute break in between every consecutive session.

This smaller session period will motivate you to study for a little longer and speaking from experience, you’ll learn more this way than you would’ve otherwise. Click here for more detailed info on the rule.

Alternatively, you can also try the Pomodoro technique for studying in which you’ll have to learn in 25 minute sessions.

5. The Placebo Effect in Studying

In World War II, soldiers were given morphine as pain killers. One day, they ran our of morphine.

Henry Beecher who was working as a medic there decided to give the soldiers saline solution instead. He knew that it won’t help them but he didn’t reveal to them that they were not given morphine.

The feedback he got back from the soldiers, however, left him surprised.

The soldiers told him that they felt the same way like when they were given morphine.

Some things can have an impact on your subconscious mind even though you’re not aware of it.

How can this help you overcome your laziness while studying?

Take the best grades you got from a subject you want to learn. Hang it somewhere you ought to notice.

This will make you subconsciously feel that you are good at the subject and can make better grades than what you put on the wall.

This will motivate you in overcoming your laziness.


While these 5 tips are the only ones you need to overcome your laziness to study, they won’t help you unless you decide to get started.

You decision to act plays a crucial role in determining how you deal with your laziness and how much productive of a person you become.

Success is not easy and is most certainly not for the lazy.

So rise up and act. You’ve got dreams to achieve!

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