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best instagram tools for startups

5 Best Instagram Tools for Startups

Standing out is no longer a problem with these best Instagram tools for startups. Getting a follower base on Instagram is a challenge with the ever-changing algorithms and a vast variety of businesses on Instagram. Do you want to make your presence known? Here are some of the best Instagram tools for Startups to make things easy for you! Best Instagram Tools for Startups Kicksta VSCO GoDaddy Studio HypeAuditor Buffer Let’s look at these best Instagram tools for Startups and their pros, cons, and pricing. 1. Kicksta: Instagram growth When you are a startup and you want to promote it

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moosend review

Moosend Review 2021: Pros, Cons, Key Features and more

If you’re looking for a user-friendly email marketing platform that fits your budget, Moosend is what you need! This article on Moosend review will help you understand how. What is Moosend? Moosend, an email marketing platform that helps you carry out your business marketing campaigns efficiently. It has a robust automation workflow than its expensive competitors. Their free plan has limited third-party integrations and templates. Also, their customer support is only available for five days. It also doesn’t have a phone or priority support. Moosend Review When compared to its alternatives, Moosend has got a robust automation workflow. Even then,

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10 best analytics tools for startups

10 Best Analytics Tools For Startups

In this 21st-century world, the collection and analysis of data are essential ingredients in decision making. These 10 best analytics tools for startups will help you achieve success in your venture. Read to find out! Entrepreneurs in their everyday business lives have to make a lot of decisions, and the decisions they make must be backed up by relevant data to reduce the chances of failure. Maybe you’re offering a small product, or SAAS, or running a website, whatever it may be, you’ve to know what motivates your customers to your product. The only way to find out is to

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10 best branding tools for startups

10 Best Branding Tools For Startups (Must Know)

Have an amazing vision in mind? Wondering how to bring it to life? Don’t sweat, we’re here to help! Look at these 10 best branding tools for startups you should be aware of to breathe life into your branding visions. Branding is the process of connecting good strategy with good creativity. Marty Neumeier Establishing a good brand identity helps create awareness among customers, investors, and even your employees. Branding is essential, be it startups or medium-sized businesses. Once your business grows, a strong brand identity becomes vital. And thus we have carefully selected some of the 10 best branding tools

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10 best outsourcing websites

10 Best Outsourcing Websites You Need To Know

Looking for skilled expertise from all over the world? Here are some of the 10 best outsourcing websites you’ll need. The increasing competition in the business world, reduction of prices, the introduction of lean ideology, has made businesses focus on the core while outsourcing everything that can be outsourced. Benefits of outsourcing It is inexpensive than hiring an employer. Greater focus can be given to the core business. Access to skilled professionals from all over the world. Increases efficiency as everyone focuses in what they excel. Well, we have curated the 10 best outsourcing websites for startups to succeed in

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Guide To Building an MVP

A Valuable Guide To Building An MVP 101

Do you have a brilliant idea for a product or service? Are you anxious about its outcomes? Read this guide to building an MVP and wave goodbye to your anxieties! When you are developing software, you will need to know what your customer wants. You will also need to test the project and this is where the process of building an MVP comes in! Now if you don’t know what an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is, it is a test version of your product or service. It is an important step in developing software and it helps you to test

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best accounting software for startups

5 Best Accounting Software For Startups

Are you searching for the best accounting software for startups? Read this article to find out which of the best accounting software for startups suits you the best. To a healthy financial system! Best Accounting Software For Startups FreshBooks QuickBooks Online Xero Wave QuickBooks Self-employed FreshBooks: The best accounting software for startups and service-based businesses FreshBooks is cloud-based accounting software with high ratings for its intuitive interface, easy navigation, and robust features. It covers the basics of double-entry accounting, expense tracking, project management, time tracking, invoice and estimates, and online payment processing. FreshBooks can be used on both Android and

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Best Presentation Software

10 Best Presentation Softwares of 2021

Do you have a presentation due tomorrow, and you’re running out of time? Keep calm coz you’re at the right place! Here is the best presentation software for you! Read on and find out which among the best presentation software suits you the best. Presentation software is used by everyone from schools to businesses. It can be used while hosting a webinar or while doing any kind of public speaking or to present a product. When there is a slideshow to go along with your presentation, it becomes visually appealing and interactive to the audience. Now it’s simpler than ever

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Best Landing Page Builders For Startups

5 Best Landing Page Builders For Startups

Wondering how you can gain attention for your product/event? No worries! We got your back. Read on to find out the best landing page builders for startups. Any idea what a landing page is? A landing page is a web page established for winning attention to your product/event by the Sales or Marketing. After you’ve set up your startup by establishing a sales proposition, you are ready to scale up your growth by mastering product marketing. Now for that, your go-to-market strategy is to create a landing page or several landing pages. Here’s where landing page builders also known as

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project management tools for entrepreneurs

5 Best Project Management Tools For Entrepreneurs

Do you want to stay productive but don’t know-how. Don’t worry, here are some of the best project management tools for entrepreneurs, like you! Now, what exactly is project management? According to the Project Management Book of Knowledge(PMBOK), project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to projects activities to meet the project requirements. You might be a skilled business person with an established company but making sure that everything that will make or break your business gets done well and on time is a huge challenge you’ll face. Specifically, if yours is a startup and you’ve

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