APJ Abdul Kalam Quotes for Students

28 Best Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Quotes for Students

Some people inspire a few around them, and a few people inspire a whole generation. Dr APJ Abdul Kalam is one among those few people who have motivated an entire generation. He influenced people to think creatively while acquiring more knowledge and to act confidently using that knowledge. In this post, I’ll share a few APJ Abdul Kalam quotes for students that will encourage you to do more in your life. So let’s begin to explore APJ Abdul Kalam quotes in English. Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Quotes on Dreams “You Have To Dream Before Your Dreams Can Come True.” “Dream,

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motivational quotes for students

Top Inspirational Quotes For Students – Study Quotes

Sometimes, studying can make you tired. Of course, there is nothing exciting about studying, is there? Sitting long hours, trying to focus and concentrate on your studies will definitely exhaust you. What you need is some motivation. But where will you find that motivation? Through some surprisingly inspiring study quotes! Recently, when I was scrolling through my YouTube feed, I found a motivational quotes video for students. There were so many positive comments saying that the video helped a lot of students. Since most of our readers are students, I know that this video will definitely be of use to

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4 Proven Tips to Build Unbreakable Self-Discipline

What is self-control? Why is it important and how to build self-discipline? In a study conducted in 2011, 200 people were asked to write down the day that they will start to commit to their dreams fully. Interestingly, 92% of those people wrote a day in the future. Most of them were not willing to start right away. They all had some excuses; some were busy with their jobs; some lacked the resources; others were just too lazy. But I think there is only one thing those 92% people lack: self-discipline. You need an immense amount of self-discipline to stay

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how to focus on the right things

How to Focus On The Right Things: 6 Tips

Time is your greatest asset. Deciding what activity needs your focus in the present will determine your productivity. Some things are better to focus on than others. Those things are what advance your interests, make you happy, and make you a better person. But how do you know the right things to focus on? This post will help you learn how to focus on the right things at the right time. It is hard to ignore people who are constantly trying to annoy you. Since the beginning of the internet age, this has become 10X harder than before. But however

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how to be happy with what you have

How to Be Happy With What You Have – 6 Tips

“He who is contented is rich.” LAO TSU You and me are all after the same thing – Happiness! We think that getting after more and more things will make us happier and happier. But the thing is, our thirst for more will actually make us more stressed out instead of gaining happiness. The only way to be happy is to be happy with what you have and who you are. I am not saying that you should stop improving yourself and be satisfied at your current position in life. What I am hinting is that you should start enjoying

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set realistic goals as a student

How to Set Realistic Goals As A Student – 5 Effective Tips

One mistake I regret making while in school was setting unrealistic goals. I had huge expectations of myself while goal setting. This idea forced me to set goals that I found difficult to complete. Initially, I didn’t get disheartened, but I started getting disappointed at my under achievements as this continued. This was when I decided to recheck my goal planning strategies, which changed my life for the better. This post is on my personal experience on how to set realistic goals as a student. How to set realistic goals as a student? Setting goals is an important part of

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how to deal with negative people

How to Deal With Negative People

How to deal with negative people? A relevant question given the astonishingly increasing number of people spreading negativity since social media platforms’ popularity. No matter wherever you go, there are always people who love to spread hate and ruin your mood. Whenever I got a negative comment and shared it with someone, most of them told me to ignore them. But how much can you ignore when those negative people are your friends, relatives, or even someone who you’d have to work with for a long time? It is not always possible to ignore negative people. But it is possible

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how to build a morning routine

The Best Guide on How to Build A Morning Routine

Few things impact the way you live your life. Starting off the new day with a good start and a focused mind helps you achieve the goals you set for yourself. But how to build a morning routine? Why is it important? It is no rocket science to prepare what to do in the morning, start the day by waking up early and going for a walk. You can plan the next day with a planner’s help and set up a certain time for each task. You can change the way of living towards betterment by just following a simple

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why are books important

Why are Books Important? Here are 5 Reasons Why!

Why are books important? What are its benefits? Can’t you watch a video summary or a blog post and grasp the whole concept? Like you, I too had similar doubts before I fell in love with the idea of reading books. After I developed the habit of reading, everything around me makes more sense. I can now understand everything better because of the knowledge I gained about them from books. If you’re here, it means either that you’re here for a school essay or is just trying to build a reading habit by understanding the benefits of books and what

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failures to success story

5 Inspirational Failures to Success Stories of Famous People

In a way, failures are a part of success. People confuse failures as an end. However, they are actually the beginning of something great. Failures present you with opportunities and make you learn from your mistakes. You can either choose to give up or embrace the lessons learned from those failures and make sure that you never commit those mistakes again. Everyone has failed at some point in their life, but the successful ones are those who persevered. This article is about some of the famous failures to success stories that can motivate you to carry on. 1. Oprah Winfrey

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