how to write a book review

Best Way To Write A Book Review By Copy Pasting (Not Plagiarism) 2021

How do you write a book review? If you’re like me, you might have read tons of books before, and therefore writing a book review may seem like a piece of cake. But let’s say that you’re not a fan of reading books, and now you have received a project where your teacher asked you to write a book review. I know what you’re going through since I am also having to do this in my college. But unlike many of my college mates, I do know a hack on how to achieve this seemingly daring feat fast! This blog

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headspace app review

Headspace App Review 2021: Is Their Subscription Worth It?

MY RATING – (4.6/5) Bottom Line Headspace is a wellness app that guides you in doing meditation, and teaches you useful mindfulness skills. I think it’s totally worth it since the meditations are easy to follow and overall experience is great. Beginner-friendly. No prior knowledge in meditation required to get started. Family-friendly content. Headspace has meditational content even for kids! Sessions can be downloaded and assessed offline. Animations are very engaging and help understand the concept easily. Guided meditations are available and there’s an option to choose audio, male or female. There’s a wide variety of meditations and individual exercises,

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best websites for career research

Top 33 Best Websites For Career Research

If you are reading this post, that means you are looking for a lucrative career choice. After you finish reading, you’d find yourself the best career option and will familiarize yourself with the ways of building a great career. In this modern world of the internet, it’s now easier than ever to find information regarding jobs and education. There are so many websites out there that can help you prep yourself for landing your dream job. I have decided to make your career hunt process a little easier by gifting you with the top 10 websites for career research. This

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motivational gifts for college students

7 Best Motivational Gifts for College Students

We all need some motivation to do anything. College students needs it more than anything since they’re in the middle of thousands of activities. It is no wonder that they get tired of their chores. If you know someone who is in college and has lost their motivation to work, try giving them these motivational gifts for college students. The gifts mentioned in this post can definitely cheer any college student. These are some of the things that kept me going when I had a hard time at college. I still remember the people who gifted them to me. Those

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best books on personality development

8 Best Books on Personality Development

Wondering how to improve your personality and work towards self-development? Books are always the best option. But the problem is that you have to choose from thousands of personality development books. That is why I have made a list of the best books for personality development. Curating this list took me hours and hours of reading. So be sure to make full use of it. Personal growth takes time and a hell of lot of learning. Learning is what supplies you with the knowledge that ignites your motivation. Below you’ll find the list of handpicked self-development books, along with a

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entri app review

Entri App Review 2021 | Is it Worth It?

MY RATING – (4.3/5) Bottom Line Entri app is an online learning app for job seekers that offers courses and learning materials for exams like Kerala PSC, IBPS Clerk, PO, SBI PO, SSC, RRB, Insurance, and more. PROS Syllabus Based Classes Learning materials for a range of exams Flashcards and Quizzes for Effective Preparation Advanced Mock Tests and Revision Tests Daily Updated Current Affairs and Classes Offers Huge Collection of Exam Resources CONS Caters uniquely to regional education systems and needs Still needs to be expanded to other competitive exams Offline PSC coaching and preparation of competitive examinations are becoming

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best books on career guidance

8 Best Books for Career Guidance

Finding a career is not as easy as finding a job. Your job may help you get a paycheck but your career means that each of those jobs helps you advance towards your long-term goals. While figuring out how my career should look like, I had gone through some of the best books for career guidance because I knew that books are the best mentors one can get. Building a career requires dedication, discipline, and the willingness to work hard. Above all, your career should be such that you enjoy investing your time and energy into building skills and learning

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certification courses for mechanical engineers in india

6 Popular Certification Courses for Mechanical Engineers in India

Are you in search of the best certification courses for Mechanical Engineers in India? You’re at the right place! The best possible career path after you finish your mechanical engineering degree is to get placed from your college itself. If that’s not an option for you the next preferable choice is to attend exams such as CoCubes, AMCAT, eLitmus etc. Companies will pick you directly if you pass these assessments. If you can’t follow these career paths there’s absolutely no need to worry. There are tons of online certification courses for mechanical engineers in India that you can use to

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learn faster and better

Science-Backed Guide To Learn Faster And Better – 2021

Think about it. We are always learning new things consistently. Learning is what helps us to progress in our life. It is therefore vital that we learn how to learn better and memorize faster. Even in academics, studying faster and remembering everything can help you a lot. This comprehensive guide based on neuroscience will help you achieve the skill of learning faster today! Understanding Your Memory (So You Can Improve It) The process of learning faster is proportional to how great of a memory you have. If you think you don’t have a really great memory, it might be because

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APJ Abdul Kalam Quotes for Students

28 Best Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Quotes for Students

Some people inspire a few around them, and a few people inspire a whole generation. Dr APJ Abdul Kalam is one among those few people who have motivated an entire generation. He influenced people to think creatively while acquiring more knowledge and to act confidently using that knowledge. In this post, I’ll share a few APJ Abdul Kalam quotes for students that will encourage you to do more in your life. So let’s begin to explore APJ Abdul Kalam quotes in English. Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Quotes on Dreams “You Have To Dream Before Your Dreams Can Come True.” “Dream,

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