10 Best Branding Tools For Startups (Must Know)

Have an amazing vision in mind? Wondering how to bring it to life? Don’t sweat, we’re here to help! Look at these 10 best branding tools for startups you should be aware of to breathe life into your branding visions.

Branding is the process of connecting good strategy with good creativity.

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Establishing a good brand identity helps create awareness among customers, investors, and even your employees. Branding is essential, be it startups or medium-sized businesses. Once your business grows, a strong brand identity becomes vital. And thus we have carefully selected some of the 10 best branding tools for startups.

10 best branding tools for startups:

  1. Looka
  2. Mailshake
  3. Canva
  4. Google Analytics
  5. BuzzSumo
  6. Snaplytics
  7. Norbert
  8. Ze Brand
  9. Latana
  10. Tailor brands

1. LOOKA: Design tool

When you are a startup, you’ll need a logo. From Looka, one of the 10 best branding tools for startups, you can create your logo and edit it to perfection, and don’t worry, you don’t even have to be skilled in designs to do it. It’s as simple as that! And the best part is, Looka works on Artificial intelligence.

Visit Looka and get started with the logo of your dreams!


Is Looka free?

People mostly ask whether Looka is free, and the answer is yes and no. Looka allows you to create as many logos as you want, it allows you to customize it as per your likes. But when it comes to downloading the logos you’ve created, you need to purchase them!

How much is a logo on Looka?

If you’re looking for a basic PNG logo package, Looka offers it for USD 20, and USD 65 if you’re looking for a high-resolution logo package with ESP, PNG, PDF, and SVG FILES.

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2. Mailshake: Sales engagement platform

Just from the name, you can figure out that it is associated with emails. Mailshake, one of the 10 best branding tools for startups, is an emailing platform from where you can send individualized cold emails at scale and connect to your other tools real easily. And don’t sweat, Milkshake is very simple and easy to use and it is also a must-have tool for every startup!

Visit Mailshake.com and get started!


How do you use Mailshake?

Wondering how to use Mailshake? Here’s a youtube link to help you get started with Mailshake.

Is Mailshake good?

Mailshake is the right choice if you want to create a simple drip campaign with rules. It helps integrate with third-party email senders and provides full control over your campaigns. The dashboard helps you track your progress.

How much is Mailshake?

The pricing of Mailshake starts at $39/month. It does not offer a trial version nor does it have a free version.

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3. Canva: Design tool

Canva, one of the 10 best branding tools for startups, offers template-based designs with various images and designs to choose from that even you will have a hard time picking one and not only that, you can develop a brand kit through paid subscription and it helps in establishing a brand identity!


Is Canva free?

You wanna know if Canva is free, well, here’s the good news, it’s FREE! Most of the templates and elements are free to use. The need to pay comes when you use the premium images on Canva. The premium images are sold for a low price of $1 per image.

What is Canva used for?

Canva, one of the 10 best branding tools for startups, allows you to create business cards, invitations, flyers, lesson plans, Zoom backgrounds and so much more. The best part is you can use professionally designed templates and customize them to your needs!

Why you should not use Canva?

Canva is a vector-based program and thus designing logos is not ideal as the image cannot be scaled to any other size other than what is already set.

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4. Google Analytics: Data Analytics tool

Google Analytics, one of the 10 best branding tools for startups, is an amazing tool that every startup must have. It not only helps in website traffic but also helps in improving SEO and content marketing. Through the use of Google analytics insight, you can make pertinent changes to your product. It also shows which campaigns are doing better and helps you in finding your target audience!


How do I set up Google Analytics?

Go to Google Analytics to create/sign in to your account.
Create a property in your analytics account.
Now set up a reporting view in the property you created in the previous step.
And now follow the instructions given there to add the tracking code to your website so you can collect the data on your property.

Is Google Analytics free?

Google Analytics is free, but if you want to make use of more advanced features you’ll have to pay the recurring fee.

5. BuzzSumo: Content marketing software

BuzzSumo, one of the 10 best branding tools for startups, is a content marketing software that allows you to discover new potential outreach opportunities. You can monitor what’s important to your brand and see trending stories, customer questions, etc. BuzzSumo shows the content which has the most shares and comments and to sum it all up, it’s an excellent tool for startups!


What is BuzzSumo?

BuzzSumo, one of the 10 best branding tools for startups, is a cloud-based software that helps you discover trending keywords, stories, questions by customers, and content success.

Is BuzzSumo free to use?

Yes, BuzzSumo offers a free version with limited search results.

What is Pricing Of BuzzSumo?

Pro : $99/month
Plus : $179/month
Large : $299/month
Enterprise : Contact BuzzSumo/month

6. Snaplytics: Social Media Analytics Tool

Snaplytics, one of the 10 best branding tools for startups, helps create engaging stories for Instagram and Snapchat’s social media presence. Once the stories are posted, it provides the data on the impact and insights. It allows users to improve and alter their social media stories.


How do Snaplytics work?

Snaplytics, one of the 10 best branding tools for startups, shows the overall metrics, follower growth, and each snap performance in a neat dashboard.

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7. Norbert

Norbert, one of the 10 best branding tools for startups, helps startups overcome their marketing challenges. Norbert Startup Branding Capsule is a focused strategic process, logo, graphic language, and an accurate brand book for your needs!


Do I need any additional tools or add-ons to use Voil√° Norbert efficiently?

No, Norbert has its user panel and a chrome extension too. It integrates with tools for cold emailing and CRMs.

How many contacts can I have per month?

Norbert has different pricing strategies to choose from based on your needs.

Is Voila Norbert free?

Voila Norbert is free for up to 50 leads. For unlimited team members, the pricing starts from $49/month.

8. Ze Brand


ZeBrand, one of the 10 best branding tools for startups, helps define your brand vision with guidelines. It is AI-based and allows the user to input choices of font, color, visual assets, and color palette.


How much does ZeBrand cost?

Standard: 38 USD/month
Premium: 148 USD/month

9. Latana: Brand Tracking tool

Latana, one of the 10 best branding tools for startups, provides first-class scalable insights to help brands make better decisions. It rightly tracks your brand and your competitors and also provides audience segmentation for the target audience.

10. Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands, one of the 10 best branding tools for startups, is an AI-powered design tool and it helps in turning your business into a professional brand. And that’s not the only best part, it also has all the tools to make things easier for you and in no time, your business will look professional!


Are Tailor Brands free?

Tailor Brands enables you to generate a logo with just some clicks, without any prior designing skills. And once you like what you’ve created you have to purchase the logo!

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These are some of the 10 best branding tools for startups, hope you’ve found what you’re looking for!

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